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Seeing you for all that you are


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Contrary to mainstream medicine, Brittnee promotes holistic healing. Holistic healing bypasses the ‘band-aid fix’ and pill-popping approach of conventional medicine, as she teaches you to look beyond your physical state of being.

Together, we will holistically view your overall state of being or functioning, and bring your body back into ultimate balance and harmonious flow. Healing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, involves transforming any imbalances into alignment with its natural state of functioning.

At the young age of twenty-one, feeling defeated, powerless and like she didn't have a voice in her own health and well-being, Brittnee became a lab rat and patient number 489759033, for countless pharmaceutical companies for nine years of her life.

She was the test body and guinea pig for multiple highly toxic, heavy duty pharmaceutical drugs, including hours of intense drug infusions, chemotherapy drugs, anti-anxiety medications and the list goes on. The more un-natural, poisonous drugs that she naively took, the more her health continued to deteriorate. 

The pharmaceutical drugs and highly educated doctors, never once offered her a cure and instead of masking her symptoms, the drugs only created additional physical ailments within her body. Brittnee was determined from the onset of her diagnosis, (which she always believed in her heart to be a huge misdiagnosis), that she would find the root cause of the dis-ease within her body. 

Brittnee was young, vibrant and always highly optimistic but felt like she was trapped in a ninety year old body. She felt like a victim, a number in the medical system, with no happiness, pain relief, or positive end goal in sight. 

She worked hard, teaming up with many different acupuncturists, physiotherapists, psychologists and naturopaths trying different natural approaches to achieve optimal mental and physical health. But nothing seemed to give her justice or even a slight hint of improvement.

It wasn't until Brittnee hit rock bottom, while experiencing the worst pain of her life, that she courageously decided to take her health and life back into her own hands. She has successfully healed multiple physical ailments within her own body, including healing her devastating diagnosis of Autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has spent many long, hard and challenging years becoming a self-healer and overall, has discovered that sometimes the root cause of a physical illness may in fact be non-physical.

As a successful self-healer, who is completely drug and disease free, Brittnee is excited to teach you how to heal yourself. She wants you to realize that you should never be dependent on external sources (dr.'s, drugs, and the medical system) to heal you or find a miracle cure for your own health.

As your personal guide, Brittnee will provide you with some incredible tools, and equip you with amazing resources, in order for you to do your own hard work. Ultimately, she will help you empower yourself by looking within you, as you courageously discover your own cure for your current mental or physical health struggles.

Warrior Two


Guiding you to become self-sufficient, independent and strong, so you can break free from external systems and no longer have to be a long term patient in someone else's practice

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Episode # 1: Heart Healing, Inner Harmony & The Release of The Narcissist


Join Brittnee of You Are Powerful Movement & special guest Aubrey, this heart month of February in a very special podcast episode featuring his inspiring life journey of healing, recovery and awakening to the beauty and magic of a brand-new world. Aubrey plays a huge role in helping humanity transition into the New Earth paradigm of love through his powerful words, music and deeply touching story of survival and victory. 

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