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11/11 Portal-Energy Update

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Tomorrow is the 11/11 portal. One of the most energetically powerful days this year. Manifestation is instant, so be extremely mindful of your thoughts and ultimate wishes because you do have the ability to create your ideal reality.

I can speak personally from this, I worked with the portal energy last year through journaling and meditation and manifested multiple amazing people into my life, including members of my soul family, who I share some very deep and meaningful bonds with. I was also able to utilize the energy from the 11/11 portal and opened the door to multiple, incredible career opportunities, including developing many of my psychic gifts over the past year! Included in this, is utilizing the energy to help heal my physical vessel...I could go on.

The influx of 11/11 energy has began a few days ago, so you can start to talk to God/Source/the Universe and ask to help guide you towards your highest potential. The world is your oyster, do not hold back on what you want in this miraculous life, and most of all what you deserve.

It is also important this week, for overall well-being, moving forward, to recognize the words that you not only speak to others but to yourself. Now is the time to create your own personal morality and start to unpack your belief system. I understand that it's way easier to position yourself on one side of the fence, make yourself comfortable in your black and white stance and to point at anyone who stands in opposition to you.

However, it is encouraged for soul growth, as we move towards New Earth, to really think about the huge impact that your words have, and ask yourself, why you believe the things you believe. As we move towards unity conciousness, this separation among humans can no longer exist.Question everything. After all, it is a vibrational frequency or ripple effect that you send out from your body every time you speak or think those words in your mind, which affects everything around you. The truth of the matter is, the majority of humans currently operate from a very basic level of emotional survival, reacting to our environment based on our personal experiences of trauma. You have the power to change this.

Be mindful of the quiet nudges of your soul. Your higher self is guiding you in every moment, so pay attention to the signs, syncronicities and messages being relayed to you at this time. Listen closely to your intuition and gut feeling, as opposed to your busy working mind. Your soul is guiding you along your highest path possible, you just need to tune in and really listen, to hear the multiple truths being revealed to you.

Enjoy the magic over the next couple days, and may the 11/11 portal be an unforgettable, positive and uplifting day for you, as you reflect on this past year.

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