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12/12 Portal-Heart Opening & Activations

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Please be aware that my messages may or may not resonate with you at this moment in time, as we all are individually experiencing different levels of consciousness currently. Perhaps at some point, the messages relayed here will apply to you, so I recommend keeping an open mind moving forward and if it does not feel right in your body, mind and soul, do store this information away for now and revisit it in a future moment.

While doing an intuitive scan of the human vessel, collectively, a great majority of the population have almost completely blocked root and heart chakras. Mid-month, with the help of my guides, I will focus on developing a channeled meditation, guiding you to learn to align, balance, clear, open and activate these important and significant energy centres. This will help you develop stronger and more resilient heart centres moving into the next few months. Why would I even care about this, you ask? A wonderful goal is supporting your own human vessel on this journey by developing heart chakras that not only radiate love but are fully open to receiving unconditional love. As well, developing root chakras that no longer hold on to fear, which is one of the hardest consciousness’s to face, work through and ultimately, clear.

I am being shown a person chopping and peeling onions, as tears roll down their cheeks. This is a messy job for the human, not so fun in the moment but absolutely worth it in the end, in order to enjoy a long-awaited savory meal filled with delicious aroma. Similar to peeling an onion, and continuously crying as you pull back each individual layer, eventually reaching the juicy centre, we must learn to peel back the layers and walls that have built up around the heart energy centre. It is necessary to rip away each layer and face our shadows, sit with the darkness, work with the uncomfortable, and feel it all completely, until the human vessel is finally ready to release it once and for all. This is how the human heals, aligns to their true self and steps into freedom.

On the contrary, if the human chooses to ignore or push away their shadows because it is too hard and painful to face, those lower vibrational sets of consciousness will continue to come up, time and time again, as repeated and distressing cycles in their life. It is a rite of passage for the human to face their darkness head on and learn how to heal themselves, in order for them to step into higher states of consciousness. This task is daunting and tiresome but it is required in order to allow more light to enter into the body.

As the human learns to courageously peel back and throw away each protective layer surrounding the heart, they foster forgiveness along the way and they also learn to let go of all of the hurt, heart-ache and pain that they have endured in this lifetime and even from past lives. All that is left, once you reach the juicy centre, is a healthy, open heart that is beating free and in resonance to love. Without the hard shell surrounding it, the human heart is vulnerable and most importantly, is able to connect with the high vibrational energy that carries Christ Consciousness, available to all humans now, and also offers a brand-new way of living and being.

Once the human is activated into the 5D and New Earth, through complete opening and ultimate heart expansion, it is true that life will never be the same. The human will walk this earth plane with a brand-new set of eyes and live from a space of unity, acceptance and compassion, not only for themselves but for every other human that walks beside them on this journey. With the pure intention of wanting to open the heart and allow for it to a clearly remain open and beat to the frequencies of unconditional love, it is imperative to sit or lay in silence, on the 12’Th day, of the 12’Th month, on the 12’Th hour, of the year 2020 and fully connect to your heart space. Complete transformation occurs in this moment, activating the heart and higher heart, as the human is acknowledging and facing their shadows and invites more light into their body.

This is a brave task for the human but it must be done, in order to be able to step into higher levels of consciousness, advanced vibrational planes of existence, including activation of innate gifts, as well as connecting to Source, The Higher-Self and living life with a purpose and soul mission. On the 12/12 portal of this pivotal year, the higher realms are asking you to step out of your comfort zone and leave behind the shielded/guarded, closed-minded state of existence that you currently attach yourself to and open yourself up to receiving the magnificent activations available to you on this transformational day.

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