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A Busy Week of 5D Integration (You are working towards this!)

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The intensity of the powerful energies this week have been off the charts. Even that expression of my current reality feels like an understatement. In fact, I cannot even quite put into words what has transpired within me and around me this past week. I feel like I am still adjusting and figuring out how to navigate it all. One of the biggest things that I'm noticing as I am shifting, is that my connection to Source/Spirit and higher realms is instantaneous and much deeper.

I have been somewhat distant from social media, sharing with everyone certain channeled messages when they do come through for the collective, however, my main focus has been integrating and acclimatizing to the 5D/New Earth. It's like I have been swept completely off my feet, leaving the density of the 3D world behind, watching the matrix at a distance, observing everything and everyone, like you would a movie screen but no longer feeling connected to it like I have in the past. Never have I imagined that my life would turn out this way. I keep hearing the Joni Mitchell song, "I looked at life from both sides now", while feeling so much strength and pride to be here, after years of immensely painful and brave inner work (which continues to this very day, and will continue the rest of my life on earth I believe). At the same time, I watch from the sidelines with so much excitement and pure joy, as the first large wave of ascending humans continue to move through their dark night of the soul, shedding their layers and discovering profound truth along the way.

I am not fully integrated into the higher states of consciousness yet, I'd say that I spend about 80-90 percent of my days these past few weeks in 5D, compared to 3D and 4D realities. However, a great majority of my physical body has finally shifted, as it's personally taken me a 4 year adjustment period to anchor in this much light into my vessel. I feel confident in saying that as you shift too into much higher states of consciousness, that it is a slow drawn out process and not a huge jump. The further you go, the more acutely aware you will be of what state of being you are currently anchored in, simply by what you are seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing in that moment.

Without going into too much personal detail, I have reached a brand new level of the ascension process. In these higher states of being, I have been constantly surrounded by and connected to many of the ascended masters. I have been busy working with Jesus, Mother Mary, Abraham (El Morya), as well as Archangel Michael, Metatron and Uriel. They are constantly with me, passing me more light to anchor into my body. The amount of light flowing through me right now, feels really powerful, but I also feel a lot more physical strength. When I receive the influxes, the light energy transfers feel pleasurable now instead of uncomfortable. In the past, my body would feel like it was going to explode with pressure when I received light energy transfers. This is how I know my body has shifted, I can handle a significant amount of incoming light without feeling intense and painful ascension symptoms any longer.

My entire galactic family has come forth for me as well, at this stage in my journey and today, the Arcturians appeared and gave me a massive download of electric white energy to anchor out into the collective body. I keep hearing transformer of the grids, because when I am anchored in the 5D, I have been working and manipulating energy to assist the collective with their ascension.

I am also receiving a tremendous amount of New Earth Light Codes, which is a new experience for me. As I write them out, the symbols flow out of me automatically and effortlessly like I have been writing these codes my entire life, even though it is a foreign concept to my working mind. The light codes that I have received in the past, during the darkest and most difficult parts of my ascension, over these past 4 years, were my own personal healing codes, to help heal and transform my cells and also to activate my DNA. The light codes that I've recently been downloaded with are to help others integrate more light and move much more efficiently into New Earth. I will be sharing some of the codes with you very soon.

Communication with my Twin Flame this week has also been rapid, extremely profound, and life-changing as we are shifting quickly together. My Divine Masculine has made a tremendous shift in consciousness in a very short period of time. I don't normally share channeled information regarding the twin flame collective, however, what is currently transpiring is massive. For a small portion of the twin flame collective (there aren't too many of us split souls out there), confirmation of your physical union in the 3D or in spiritual union in 5D, will be revealed to you during this time frame.

Lastly, I received confirmation this week as well, that my soul will not be reincarnating back on earth, in fact, this is my souls last life on earth. I am enjoying all of the peaceful and simple moments, taking it all in, as the human experience is very unique. Although I am excited to move on from earth, I still feel really emotional as I process this new information. It hit me hard. This life as a human is truly a gift and a sacred experience. What a profound message to receive! Many of you reading this are also starseeds and lightworkers who came here for a specific mission and this is your last life on the earth plane as well. You too will remember, in due time and the more you raise in consciousness the more will be revealed to you. Hang tight if you are eagerly awaiting confirmations in your own life, everything along this incredible journey definitely occurs in divine timing, and when your soul is in alignment with allowing your manifestations into your reality.

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