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A Powerful Force-March 13, 2021

The influx of love is a powerful force today. Heart connections are growing, and the old and out-dated ways of being, thinking, feeling, including people, places and things that no longer resonate at a soul level are being felt over and over again by our bodies, to fully be released once and for all. It feels exhausting doesnt it?

As you courageously navigate your current life circumstances, the higher realms would like for you to remember that every place your love touches brings healing and restoration.

I know that you may not see what I see quite yet, but what I'm witnessing you will get to experience too. Heavenly, all-encompassing love is here to stay, replenishing the earth, including all of us.

Can you begin to see the planet lit up and the amount of positive change occuring? The old is collapsing, slowly but surely ushering in the New Earth.

Here we love one another, value one another, we support each other, we honour everybody we connect and converse with. We care for one another, holding each other a little tighter, so we can rise up higher, together.

You are never alone. Our hearts are connected.Today and every day moving forward, we treat the earth, ourselves and others with nothing but respect. We are a unified whole, not separate.

Let's heal the world with our love. Bask in the sun, dance in the sea, if it doesnt give you shivers, then it's not meant to be. (The higher realms always send me cheeky little rhymes.)

If it doesnt feel good to your mind, body and soul, now is the time to be brave and release whatever it is that you're still holding on to.

Connection is key. When we share and connect our heart energy to each other, we energize the whole world, creating pure magic, accelerated manifestations and miracles by the bond of our love.

My heart is yours, Britt

Another high frequency transmission to aid in your healing and transformation

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