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Analysis Tool For Optimal HealthHuman Consciousness Body Connection Calibration Technique(Copyright)

I hope you are managing well. We are currently being bombarded with portal and eclipse high-vibrational energies simultaneously, therefore, ascension symptoms may feel extremely intense this week, moving into next week as well.

I am here to remind you that you can do this! You are the ground-crew and pioneers of New Earth, experiencing some pretty tough stuff right now, so you will be strong to help support your loved ones, including friends and family when the majority of the collective embarks on their ascension in the upcoming weeks and months.

I hope to spark in you your self-healing capabilities and I am that gentle whisper to remind you that you are a powerful alchemist. You don't have to suffer through this miraculous journey! Please find below an alchemist healing technique that I practise often with the Arcturians. The brief teaching just brushes the surface of the depths of this healing tool, however, every little bit can help you at this time. Keep making those mind and body connections. Your transformation is magnificent. Remember, every word you speak to yourself and others is MAGIC. Everything is energy.

From my heart to yours, Brittnee & The Arcturian Medical Team

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