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Anchoring into 5D-Flow State-April 21, 2021

Some of my favorite posts are sharing real time information about experiencing 5D/New Earth energies. If you are on this rollercoaster of a journey, you are slowly but surely transitioning into these higher states of consciousness each and every day.

For the past two days, New Earth energy has been extremely strong for hours on end, lasting for 8 +hours straight, when in the past it would typically come and go in waves. The energy is absolutely beautiful, sweeping through your open and activated chakras, filling up your cells, energy centres and entire body with overwhelming bliss. I can't even believe how strong it's been! I personally continue to anchor into the 5D, after a massive and very rapid purge of all my chakras for almost a week straight prior to this significant shift.

Are you able to feel your own energy centers and can you tell which ones are being purged as your body upgrades? You soon will be able to, the longer you go in this journey, easily recognizing the patterns of your own vessel in response to incoming energies.

What are your recent experiences with 5D? Can you feel it moving through each of your chakras?

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