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Anchoring into 5D/New Earth-The Transition Phase-A Personal Share

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

♡Bringing you hope, as you continue to push through the density! Many people are about to start anchoring into the 5D/New Earth♡...

It's happening! Over the past two weeks, I recognize that I've made a massive shift and I am personally experiencing much higher states of consciousness on a more consistent and daily basis. I am told that during this transition phase, I am currently anchoring in more 5D/New Earth energies, compared to 4D and 3D. Of course, I am still standing in the density of the 3D field, but my physical body has acclimatized to the much higher frequencies.

I observe that my frame of mind and the way in which I engage and interact with others and the world feels more heart based. I am allowing my heart to lead me each day, instead of my mind. Unconditional love, euphoria, alignment, peace, full body bliss and harmony feels like its flowing through my body consistently, instead of coming and going in waves like it did a month ago.

I don't feel weighed down anymore, instead, I feel free and sovereign, like I'm starting to stand fully in my personal power, after being on a rollercoaster ride for years previously, experiencing the highs and lows of this evolution of consciousness journey. Keep in mind this personal break through, is after 4 years of constant, hourly and daily purging and energy clearing from my body (I'm talking about zero breaks), as my body has been expanding rapidly to bring in more light, to allow for me to experience higher states of being.

If you are in the thick of purging toxins and trauma, stagnant energy and emotions, it can take months or years to clear your vessel. For me personally, it has taken years, as I have had to work hard to clear dis-ease from my body. I also recognize that this break-through into higher states, has transpired after a phase of deep-cellular removal of fears and trauma that I have carried within my organs and body systems for lifetimes. I do still purge and have very minor ascension symptoms (emotional and physical) with the accelerated energy influxes that are occurring recently, especially on highly energetic days (solar winds, portals etc.), however, the clearings/symptoms/emotions are minor and move through me quickly and with ease. I no longer resist what's happening to me, instead i've learnt to observe and surrender, allowing for the magic to unfold within me and all around me.

For years, at the beginning of my ascension, my countless symptoms were intense, painful, and were relentless, leaving me either bed-ridden or feeling like I was going to die. I had countless ambulance rides and emergency room visits, before I started to grasp what was transpiring before my eyes. In fact, my purging occurred in all of my chakras all at once, awful and sometimes frightening head, heart and lower body symptoms! My entire body had to collapse, in order to be rebuilt, to prepare for my ultimate rebirth into New Earth. Name a bizarre ascension symptom and I have experienced it for weeks or months on end. But, despite the darkness and my surfacing shadow side, I kept pushing through, as I knew there had to be a much bigger reason why I was experiencing all of this.

Fast forward to this now moment, I feel strong, powerful and completely at peace and in control during these intense energetic times, instead of the energy affecting my energy field, well-being, and being in control of me. As I help lead and support others, as the first large wave of ascending humans are beginning to conquer their dark night of the soul and rise higher, remember that a break in intensity is on the horizon for you too, because rapid and uncomfortable energy clearings don't last forever.

It has been so rewarding to get to this point and finally experience breathing room. I feel like I'm on cloud 9. The majority of my days feel noticeably lighter, with more relaxing energies. I am truly grateful to have been able to experience it all first, and then now be able to watch in awe and amazement, as a similar miraculous journey unfolds in so many other peoples lives, as they make their transition as well. I wait in anticipation as other humans make this huge shift into more consistent, higher states of consciousness over the next 6 months. I'm so excited for what's in store for all of us! This life that we have been given, is a true gift.

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