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Angel Channeling-September 3, 2021@ 2:44PM MDT

"It is with great joy and enthusiasm we bring you a heartfelt transmission today to connect you back to the light in times of immense darkness. To stand in the shadow, walk through the fire and witness the fall of your world before your eyes is not an easy feat. The marches, the uproar, the loss, the cries of injustice echo throughout the Universe and we stand before you, brave souls offering our guidance and energetic support.

Many of you understand that with the collapse of the old systems, that the exponential growth of The New Earth will transform your entire planet into light. The earth plane is already engulfed in light, and this why the lower vibrational paradigms take their final bow and dissolve to the ground, taking their final resting place and returning back to the light. With the breakdown, a significant amount of dense energy is released back out into the atmosphere, freeing Gaia and helping her to continue to raise in frequency.

Similar to the physical human vessel, mother earth experiences symptoms of energy purging and release as well. Storms brew, weather may turn violent, fires burn wildly across the land, tides rise, as she also experiences an unsettled feeling until the clearing of the old is complete. When will this shadow cycle conclude, you may ask? When the majority of humanity has awakened to the higher levels of consciousness available to them at this time, and the pressure that is rising within each and every one of you, as well as within the earth can finally be released in a grand explosion.

The energy that increases and festers now, has to be distributed somewhere and at some point, in time. For those humans who have been doing the inner work for some time now in order to prepare their minds and bodies for what is to come, your individual shifts in physicality, although intense, will not bring you to your knees or rock you to the core of your being. Those human souls who are very much still unaware of the greater process unfolding, may be thrown into their dark night of the soul and ego death rather abruptly. The endless ego deaths which are happening at much a quicker pace now, will continue to increase, as the collective pressure builds.

How are you learning to release precious soul? Gaia burns the old, stripping the land bare, in order for new fauna, plants, shrubs to develop and to be birthed into existence. Are you working with the light energy that you receive, like the alchemist you are transmuting the toxic energy into pure gold that will serve your soul and higher self, or are you instead choosing to feel all of the old feelings, memories and re-living moments of your past all over again, in order to say your final goodbyes as you release the stagnant energy and trauma from your bountiful vessel?

We bring up the concept of release, letting go and clearing often, to help all of you understand that this has been the year of purging and it continues on into the next few months, as collectively there is much to be uncovered and revealed. Of course, this process is slow and steady, as too many energetic shifts too fast, could be detrimental to the human population. As you can see the earthly ascension that is well under way, is a relatively delicate process. You run a marathon, dear soul, not a sprint to the finish line.

This brings us to the discussion of segregation, injustice, corruption and discrimination, which loudly surfaces during this time frame, as millions release these deeply embedded themes which have been readily programmed into the collective body of consciousness for far too long. We anticipate these lower-vibration “heavy” consciousness to leave earth and the collective consciousness rather effectively, as the vibrations surface up through the bodies of those who are using their powerful and strong voices and throat chakra to bring the abuse and darkness out into the light, exposing it all to the world, for all eyes to see.

Encourage your fellow humans to find their truth and speak it, absolutely everything needs to be exposed. All views, every experience, every single hardship will be pushed out of your systems. You may feel that your own ascension symptoms have increased significantly, with stronger pressure, greater physical and emotional pain, because you are one with all, you feel and go through this collective experience within your own bodies, but energetically you are one whole unit. How miraculous is this very concept? Let us repeat that again, you as an individual, are feeling the worldly changes deep down within the cells of your own body.

Your human vessel is becoming lighter on every single level, with much less toxicity to weigh it down, you rise closer to the heavens and the veil becomes even thinner between our worlds. We are indeed connected now energetically, within your minds and within your hearts, however, soon there will be no veil, as countless people are near ready to have their multidimensional human experience, within their new and improved light body.

Lastly, to finalize this energy exchange with you today we would like to express that no matter how strong the darkness may feel as it consumes your world, that the light is louder and the stronger force at play. We encourage you to seek out that exquisite light in your life, that certain something or somebody who you can turn to when life gets tough and it may feel like all hope is lost. Look to the light. Their light is a gift and has the power to lift you higher, so bright that it will guide you through. The brightness that continues to shine in another brave soul, is also the light of love found within you.

Most of all, as everyone takes a turn to stand up to the mic and speak their truth on your world stage, radiating peace and hope out from their heart space, ask yourself this important question. Can you love someone who has a different view of life, or a different opinion than you? Perhaps their truth is different than yours? Maybe they vibrate in a much higher or much lower plane of existence or reality than you currently reside in. Even if your experiences are not a vibrational match at this moment in time, can you hold space and an abundance of love for them, until all humans level up to one another and unite as one? Until we come together to converse again magnificent soul, remember that above all, what lies within your heart is true and we wholeheartedly believe in you and your earthly mission. We move an endless amount of light into your body through our powerful words today. Feel our love now, we are always with you and we admire your strength to persevere."

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