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Arcturian Channeling-August 17, 2021 6:55 AM MDT

"Greetings Dear Ones, we are very pleased to connect with all of you. We provide you with an important transmission today, with high hopes that it will give you a deeper understanding of how essential freeing oneself of the constant fear projected onto you is absolute key to your health, happiness and overall well-being, during the Collective transitionary shadow period, which seemingly consumes your planet during this time frame.

Countless prototypes and control structures which were built upon fear and deception and therefore, can no longer physically survive within a higher vibrational plane of existence, which planet earth steadily transitions into, are being highlighted upon your world stage for all to witness, endure and eliminate. These programs do not fall and cease to exist without a fight, therefore, the amount of targeted fear being pushed on humanity seemingly increases, grasping for your attention before they ultimately perish, and can be layed to rest once and for all.

Continue to stand in love, for it overpowers all darkness. The planet is making a swift return to love and this wave of magic begins with you. You are here Dear One, to create a monumental force of energy that engulfs the shadow aspects with an unconditional love that is so powerful that it will heal the entire world, restoring it back to health and prosperity. Continue to stand in your power, using your gift of love to transform your world.

Keep living and loving through the fear. Keep loving through the hate. Keep loving through the destruction. Keep loving through the debate. Love through the violence, the confusion, the death. Continue to love through the indifference, the threats, the segregation. Fight back with love through the dishonesty, the disease, the tears, the mess, the censorship, until all that is left are precious human hearts consumed with nothing but peace and joy, fuelled by hope and every living creature has evolved into the embodiment of love."-The Arcturian Medical Team through Brittnee, Divine Channel for New Earth

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