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Ascension Guidance & Support March & April 2021

March 8, 2021-New Earth Codes: High frequency transmission to aid in your healing and transformation unconditional love, from my heart to yours.

April 1, 2021-I Don't Need Healing: As the healers of the world rise up and share their knowledge and tools with humanity, the people who turn the other way, and say, "I don't need healing", or, perhaps take a healing tool, stare at it for a little while, and decide not to use it, are only lying to themselves. They have no desire to change and radically transform their life...and this is perfectly okay.

From the perspective of the higher realms, we are all made perfect and we all are exactly where we need to be on our own unique journeys. However, one must remember that if you are human, you do require healing, as much as you refuse to believe this statement. You carry toxins, stagnant energy and deeply-embedded trauma in one, if not all of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. We all do. Will it all be released from your vessel in this lifetime, exposing the beautiful soul beneath it all? Once the light and the darkness found within you, are acknowledged, aligned and balanced by your self-healing capabilities, this ultimately unleashes your freedom, divinity and personal power in order to experience higher states of consciousness. Remember that it is not in everyones soul contract to ascend into higher states of being in this lifetime. Hold space for those still experiencing lower and denser realities that you have overcome and simply grown out of.

In fact, the higher you raise in consciousness, the more accepting you are of those who choose to remain stagnant in their life because you understand that even though we all share the same physical earth plane, we are all tapped into different realities and timelines. The splitting of the earth is very apparent right now.

Ask yourself, are you showing compassion for all humans you cross paths with? Especially for those who still need to learn the hard lessons that you have already evolved from?

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