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Rest & Rejuvenation-Preserve Your Energy

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We want to emphasize how important rest and rejuvenation is at this moment in time. If you haven’t naturally done so already, it is now time to slow your life down. There are so many drastic and large-scale changes occurring within your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. It can all feel very overwhelming to the human and the typical initial reaction is to just shut down and retreat inward. Many will find themselves wanting to withdraw temporarily from everything and everyone, some will prefer to stand solo, while others will move into complete isolation. Creative projects may be put on hold and you might feel increasingly lazy or drained like you do not have any extra energy to expel for additional daily work or activities.

The energy surrounding the collective body over the past few days is extremely dense and heavy, that you could cut the thick air with a knife. This is because the shadow side of ourselves has yet again resurfaced in order to be acknowledged and dealt with. There is less resistance from the human currently, as many are accepting of the fact that they need to deal with the areas of their lives that are no longer supporting and serving them on their journey through the evolution of consciousness. Those people who have simply brushed aside or avoided any lower vibrational scenarios, aspects of their lives that no longer serve their higher self and the higher timelines, such as relationships, external paradigms and even aspects of oneself, may experience abrupt and almost chaotic, sudden endings. These sometimes-painful completion of karmic cycles and endings of relationships, jobs, daily habits etc., occur in order to make way for more light energy to enter into the human body, to assist us as we expand.

Be patient with yourself, as this is simply a phase in the overall incredible journey. We encourage you to listen to your own body and give it everything it needs to feel safe, fulfilled, relaxed and calm. This sudden urge to slow your life down, is an indication that you need to preserve your energy for what is to come. This rest period is necessary in order to activate and expand your brand new light body. Overall, the drastic slowing down and isolation in all areas of your life is occurring, in order to allow you to step into your ultimate growth and expansion period over the next year.

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