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Ascension & The Circadian Rhythms of The Body

Hopefully you are having a very special saturday despite your on-going and very intense physical and mental/emotional symptoms! Did you happen to catch the beautiful sunrise this morning or have you had a chance to get out into nature yet today to enjoy the gorgeous Fall colors of the quickly changing trees before we settle in for our winter slumber? How are you giving back to yourself today? Perhaps it is a nap, a tasty treat or even a relaxing, warm bubble bath!

I went for a long jog the other night, under a blanket of twinkling stars to clear my energy and to connect again to Mother Gaia. Even though I am spending much more time each day experiencing 5D, when I choose to tap into the Collective Body of Energies I am feelig lot of collective distress and anxiety. Everybody is going through so much right now, and all of you I know definitely feel these global changes.

I was telling my Twin Flame, that when I stopped near a peaceful creek for a rest, someone had written on a stone near the flowing water, YOU ARE LOVED. It made me smile. Yet another beautiful reminder that all is well and we are moving forward wonderfully. I thought I would share with all of you as well. The signs are everywhere, if you take the time to slow your life down and pay attention to the beauty all around you in the present moment.

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