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Ascension Update-In Between Worlds

If you have been feeling like you are in between worlds right now, and you feel disconnected, confused, lost, and like you don't quite fit into your current reality anymore, you are not alone. You ARE in fact in between the old world, and starting to experience and explore more of the New Earth, even if it is just briefly. The quick glimpses of lighter territory will pick up drastically in the upcoming weeks for numerous light workers and first-wave humans.

Together, we are navigating the greatest shift to ever take place on planet earth, which will propel you out of your current state of being that you have been simmering in for quite some time now and catapult you into a higher state of consciousness. This significant pivot is happening during this period of time.

Countless humans bridge over into feeling more of the 5D frequency waves this next month, as they have been in a holding pattern of the 4th dimension for months, as their bodies continue to heal and purge.

As we move into increasingly intense territory, ask yourself what am I still holding onto that I know in my heart that I need to release because I fully understand that it no longer resonates with my soul? Perhaps it is negative programming you have carried with you since childhood, destructive beliefs about yourself or others, an addiction or behavior that no longer serves you. Whatever it may be, you are being asked to fully release from you what you have been avoiding or have been too afraid to "dig deep" and take a good hard look at.

The intensity and Powerful influx of Autumn Equinox energy can already be felt, coupled with incoming New Earth energy, as well as, minor solar wind activity penetrating the atmosphere since yesterday, all create a busy energetic environment, but you are more than capable of handling it all because you are incredibly powerful.

Zooming in on the Equinox energies specifically, they act as a trigger to countless humans right now who are on the cusp of their awakening. The potency of the energy is required to usher the next massive way of humans into a full-blown ascension.

Feeling extremely overwhelmed, as well as constantly experiencing the intensity non-stop, is often due to resisting rather than accepting the release of the old and outdated patterning, thoughts, emotions etc. that your body is asking of you at this time. Pain syndromes, whether it be mental or physical, arise when the human is not 100% willing or committed to letting go of what is coming up for them to be acknowledged. Hold yourself accountable, and take the reigns, showing these energies whose boss. You are in control.

The higher realms express that the high-vibrational energies, as well as, the astrological events can not always be blamed for the strong symptoms we feel, but instead are intended to serve us, aiding all of us in the evolutionary process. The good news is, you don't have to hold onto anything that doesnt feel good or right to you and your body any longer. Many of you already know this method of shedding to be shadow work and are actively learning about your inner wounds. Everyone has these inner wounds and trauma which are safely stored within the mental/emotional and physical bodies for life times...we are all human after all, therefore, nobody is exempt from this process. Even the highly advanced souls residing on the earth plane are constantly diving inwards to further understand more about themselves and what needs to be resolved and healed so they can grow.

Feeling the intensity constantly is a wonderful reminder and chief indicator to all of us that holding onto the past is no longer necessary and we can openly, lovingly and freely let it ALL go. Be open to the change we are witnessing in the world. The higher realms recommend talking directly to he specific areas of your body that are having a hard time right now and may be feeling a lot of pain. Gently speak to those cells or that organ and remind it that it is now time to let go of the pain because you are ready to move on with your life, and you no longer need to play victim because you are sovereign and in control of not only your amazing body but your ENTIRE reality.

The new is waiting for us as we ride the choppy waves, rising and sinking and then rising even higher as we gain momentum with the entire process, moving into brand-new territory accompanied by the light, and returning to love time and time again, becoming the masters of our domain.

With each shadow aspect of yourself that you lovingly release and say your final goodbyes to, imagine more light being able to filter into those empty places in your body, especially your heart space, radiating out into the cells of your body mending the specific areas of your vessel that held onto that darkness for so long. Doesn't it feel so wonderful knowing that in every moment you are healing and transforming into the highest version of yourself? You are making significant progress, even if you cant see any tangible results in your physical environment yet.The physical transformation is coming they say, for now, TRUST.

Common Symptoms May Include:










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