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Ask yourself, am I feeling energy?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

My messages may or may not resonate with you, as they are not meant for everyone at this time. Take what feels good in your heart, body and soul, and perhaps revisit the following information at a later date, if it does not make sense to you currently.

A much greater amount of humans are being activated by the massive amounts of light energy penetrating the earth plane. As the energy moves into the human vessel, it shakes the body up a bit. Not in a destructive way but aids in the rapid healing of each individual vessel.

As the body responds to the influx of energy entering into the skin, cells, blood stream and organs, many vessels begin to react and symptoms arise. Doctors and health care workers such as counselors and psychologists at this time may find a huge influx of new patients, complaining of new and uncomfortable physical symptoms, and after running tests, find no underlying cause.

The human body is not used to feeling and reading energy, therefore, when the high vibrational energy comes into contact with the physical vessel, the mind begins to panic, as it cannot comprehend what is occurring within the body. The body then in turn, responding to the brain signal of fear, goes into fight or flight mode and many humans at this time may find they are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Heightened feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion and like something big is about to happen, are very common right now, as the dense physical world with many external factors are also creating a heightened fear response in the human. More lock downs due to the pandemic, political unrest, you name it.

Our message for you today is that you are safe and you always will be moving forward. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate this unknown territory of feeling and reading energy around you. In the coming months, the influxes of energy will be more intense, therefore, I am sharing this message with you today, so you can prepare mentally to comprehend and recognize as a sovereign being, what is occurring and so you can stand strong.

Energy is felt differently in each individual human body. Some people feel like they are vibrating internally, others will have intense muscle twitching, reoccurring headaches, horrible insomnia and restless sleep patterns and others will feel pressure on the body or internally within the body. New and mysterious aches and pains, with no known cause begin to arise.

Some humans feel energy around and on the chest area, between the collar bone and the breast bone, and the heaviness feeling may cause you a great amount of anxiety, which can induce a panic attack because the brain cannot make sense of what is taking place in and around the physical vessel.

Again, you are completely safe, surrounded by unconditional love and you have so much support around you, as well as, on an energetic level. If you have learnt to communicate with your guides, you can ask them to slow down the intensity of your symptoms for you. Please rest your body a lot and up your water intake during this time. Remember that we are all in this together!

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