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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

When the necessary conditions align, like an explosion through the body, the soul awakens and your consciousness comes alive.

You begin to see the world with a completely different set of eyes. The earth that you once knew, looks the same but now feels completely different, as old thoughts, relationships and belief systems, suddenly no longer jive.

Your senses become heightened and you feel energy all around you. You soon come to realize that there is a brand-new world beyond the five senses.

Wild and beautiful sensations pulse through your veins, spreading all over your body. You are vibrating internally, tingling, crawling, throbbing, the shifting of heat and cold waves, your body is sweating and shuddering. You no longer operate from a place of fear and you start to let down your defenses.

Your forehead has a heartbeat of its own, your hands now radiate powerful energy, electric shocks shake, rattle and rock your bones. It feels like every cell within your body is lit up and dancing. There’s a miracle tone constantly whistling in your ear, you are up exhausted, dreaming with eyes wide open every night, while the world still sleeps.

You are having visions and your dreams are vivid and feel real. Your body is shifting, expanding and healing. Your metabolism is vastly fluctuating, your behaviors, habits and even your wishes are changing. Everything is shifting, your entire life is transforming. One minute you are joyful, then irritable, raging with anger, and mere moments later, you feel anxious, sad and start to laugh as you weep.

The deepest parts of you, the darkness and shadows, no longer remain untouched and unseen. You feel everything, as there is nothing to hide, when your mask comes off and you are naked and exposed as you step into the light.

As you explore your dreams and the secrets you’ve tucked away, the hidden spaces within you come alive.

Instead of running from your shadows, you gain the strength and courage to wrap your brand new, healing hands around your scars and you learn to dance with your pain and mend your broken heart.

You bask in your own light, alchemizing everything that aches and hurts and transform it into love. Your magical self illuminates the darkness.

You have entered an earthly paradise, one that is rooted in unconditional love. Pain becomes a thing of the past as you understand that this paradise is your birth right, your home and always has been.

You just needed to walk through the fire and feel the burn. As you rise from the ashes, a warrior, you find yourself holding hands with everyone around you.

The parallel human experience, the mirror, the synchronicities, a reflection of your own greatness, as you walk through the gates of infinite love and your true destiny, illuminated in light.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth, you are home.

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