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Becoming A Master

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What if I told you that everything you are experiencing, the highs, the super lows, the whirlwind of emotions, all of the uncomfortable physical symptoms, the doubt, confusion, the daily pain...that this isn't a quick process and that you're in it for the long haul, with no distinct end in sight.

How does that make you feel? Do you feel panic or worry arise? Perhaps anger or irritability is quickly surfacing for you?

OR are you leaning into the unknown with a child-like wonder and excitment of what is to unfold before your eyes?

How you choose to respond to the above statement determines which reality you currently experience more of on a daily basis.

Acceptance, hope, patience with your progress, faith and complete trust in the unforeseen, puts you on the higher timeline where the powerful waves of 5D are more often present.

On the contrary, perpetuating the misery by playing victim, blaming others for your unresolved issues and often attempting to escape your reality (and even trying to escape yourself) through excessive drug or alcohol use, ignoring and pushing away your shadow side that is begging to be addressed and cleared, can all keep you stuck in the same emotional and mental traps that you have created for yourself. You may even find yourself repeating eerily similar karmic loops, cycle after cycle, unable to break the chains to set yourself free. You remain stagnant for far longer than your higher-self intended.

Are you becoming aware yet, that this entire process is a mental battle that you are meant to conquer and that you WILL overcome? How you respond to the foggy territory of the entire ascension process is neither good nor bad, one is not better than the other. One thought process allows you to fly to much greater heights a lot quicker, enabling you to be able to start experiencing higher states of conciousness in every moment.

While the other keeps you feeling safe and secure, as you never step too far out of your comfort zone, it is your default, your knee-jerk reaction that you've always turned to your entire life, until are beginning to understand that you have a choice in every moment to stay where you always have been or soar higher.

Can you lean into the uncomfortable that you are experiencing and teach yourself how to breathe again when you keep getting pushed under water, when all you want to do is come up for a breath of air?

Finding that inner strength and learning to step into your SOVEREIGNTY, where you become responsible for your every thought, action, behavior and your entirety, will be a game changer for you.

Can you trust in your body and allow for it to lead? Know that the pain, the uncertainty and the uncomfortable moments will not last forever. This is all happening to you, to teach you something significant and to aid in your soul growth and expansion. This is your initiation.

You are in control of your reality, because in every moment you have a choice to make... play it safe and sit in your suffering, feeling sorry for yourself, or allow for these difficult moments to not only teach you, but to flow right through you without any judgement. Trust that you are moving into exciting new realities with so much gratitude for every hardship that you've been through.

Most of all, embrace this significant and life-changing experience, including all of the unknown and powerful changes ahead, with an open and grateful heart. When you push your negative thought-patterns away from you and choose to no longer believe or even become the stories you tell yourself in your head, you release the fear that's followed you your entire life.

On the higher timelines and in these much higher states of consciousness, fear and doubt no longer exist. There is only an abundance of love waiting for you, with a quick shift in mindset. Your mind is incredibly powerful. It can be your worst enemy or your greatest asset. Use your inner strength wisely.

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