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Channeled August 21, 2021 at 6:44 AM MDT

"Gaia and its inhabitants are awakening at an accelerated pace. The process will only continue to unfold at a much quicker rate than originally anticipated. The hearts of men, women and children everywhere crack wide open in response to the divine light that enters into their human vessels, turning on DNA and gene expression that can no longer remain dormant. Nothing can stop this divinely guided evolutionary process.

The human heart, the window to the soul, is being powered on to its full capacity and a steady stream of Source Energy continuously fuels the heart, pouring down from the heavens above, awakening the cellular structure within the heart space. At every level, the heart is drastically changing to become an open portal of light, directly connecting each and every human to Source Frequency, to beat as ONE unified source. This occurs at an individual speed, as each unique human vessel prepares and raises in vibration to successfully make the connection. The human circulatory system is most affected by these recent advancements, within the specific heart organ itself, as well as, the energetic space of the heart chakra.

Lastly, we relay with much enthusiasm, that countless Walk-ins have finally arrived from other planets within the Great Galaxy, with the recent Lion Gates Portal, inhabiting previous human bodies who have prepared for their arrival. As per soul contract, the souls of those bodies have left, making space for much higher vibrational and technologically advanced beings to courageously step in to each of those bodies, in order to help assist Planet Earth with raising its overall frequency.

The beautiful and intelligent animals that swim freely within your vast bodies of water, also assist with anchoring in the light, moving Source Frequency into their hearts as well and projecting the light out into the oceans. Whales and dolphins echoes of joy can be heard beneath the choppy ocean waves, where there is much peace and celebration to be had below the surface, as memories of Lemuria come flooding back to Earth. You are all in wonderful hands and we applaud you for your continued efforts! We send you the highest love and courage, as you individually break through your barriers, healing yourself to contribute to the overall healing of your entire planet."

Channeled August 21, 2021 at 6:44 AM through Brittnee Ascension Guide & Divine Channel for New Earth

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