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Channeled Collective Energy-June 22

There is a strange feeling in the air. The world has opened up again temporarily, yet, underneath the celebrations, summer festivities, and family gatherings, lingers this heavy, deep-rooted, ugly tumor, that still needs to be exposed and released within the Collective.

I tap into your energy field and stare into your beautiful eyes, and I can feel the vibrations of your fear and anxiety, rattling your bones and clouding your heart. Your body senses that something is off too. Something doesn't feel quite right in our world. I can sense the fight or flight systemic response that many of you hold within your body, signaling to your heart and brain that you feel unsafe, unloved, and not in control of your destiny. Underneath your newly unmasked smile, I am aware of that gut-wrenching feeling within you, like you are lost.

During this collective shadow and transition period, many humans will be spontaneously thrown into their dark night of the soul. Many want to turn a blind eye to the continued chaos, afraid to think, speak and act for themselves, from their own heart and stand in their own individual truth. They still cover their eyes, hoping life will eventually go back to normal if they continue to obey and depend on corrupt worldly systems to drag them through muddy water. They cling on for dear life, to the comfort of the external sources and paradigms that are crumbling, hoping they will get them through life.

I can assure you that this is not the way human beings are meant to live. We were meant to live for so much more. We may have temporarily lost ourselves but many of you are coming out of the fog and confusion, finally opening your eyes, seeing so many truths and receiving your wakeup call to rise higher. You are stepping into the light! This is the month for major activations and global awakenings. Thousands will come online, connecting back to their heart space, as their ego dies and their beautiful soul is re-birthed, moving into New Earth. Fasten your seatbelts! The timeline that the collective moves through is a rapid one!

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