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Channeled Energy Report-The Arcturians-June 26'th

"Greetings Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians and we are pleased to connect with you. We wholeheartedly understand that our unique presence and transmissions of encouragement and praise, are more important at this moment in time, than ever before. Ever since the Solstice, the incoming vibrational frequencies entering onto the earth plane has pushed the Collective Body over onto an extremely accelerated timeline.

The energy on earth is the highest that it has ever been and the great majority of human bodies are beginning to feel the shift. The Collective body as a whole, moves through an intense shadow period with drastic changes occuring that forever transform your world and reality. Every where you look, darkness is being exposed, but remember it needs to be seen in order for everyone to unite and step into the lighter energies of New Earth.

The potent waves of light affect each living soul and human body in a very unique way. As we do a collective body scan to gain more insight on current ascension symptoms, we notice that many humans heart energy centers are heavily purging and opening, in response to the recent incoming streams of light. Feel the heartache, deep pain, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, and sadness that arises, you have held onto these lower-vibrational energies for far too long. They do not have to weigh your precious soul down any longer.

Chest pain, pressure, heaviness surrounding the heart, ribs/lungs, chest and arms are common. Heart palpitations, strong thuds and extremely fast heart beats can also be felt. Breathe deeply through the sporadic heart activity, talking directly to your human vessel, reminding it that you are safe as you heal, and your body endures its heavy cellular, energetic and physical clearings.

Many of you who have been on your individual ascension journey for years prior to the collective dark night of the soul, have expected a break from the high influx of energies, however, we would like to remind you that because the collective consciousness has chosen a high timeline, with quick movement, what you experience today and over the upcoming weeks is transformational on every single level. You will never be the same, in fact, your external world will never be the same again either. You and the society you grew up with does not go back to normal, instead you explore new and exciting territory. Grieve the loss of everything you once were and all that you feel your are losing right now, and continue to release all that no longer serves you, as the old version of you dies, making way for your grand re-birth. Soon, everything will look and feel very different to you."

Please be aware that my messages may or may not resonate with you at this moment in time, as we all are individually experiencing different levels of consciousness currently. Perhaps at some point, the messages expressed here will apply to you, so I recommend keeping an open mind moving forward and if it does not feel right in your heart, body and soul, do store this information away for now and revisit it in the future.

When you stand in your own sovereign power, dancing to the beat of your own drum, you will learn that any external resources provided to you, (whether it be from another human or channeled from higher realms) are shared for guidance purposes only.

Ultimately, you are the creator and expert of your own reality.

The following message is relayed to you at this time to bring comfort and support. However, your number one priority is always your own health and well-being; if you are ever in doubt about what you are going through, it is important to always get checked out by a medical professional first. If you are cleared medically, and continue to experience a range of bizarre and uncomfortable physical and mental/emotional symptoms, congratulations you have embarked on your ascension journey!

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