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Channeled Energy Update-February 12, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Mental and emotional symptoms are extremely intense right now. After scanning the collective body, there are a lot of individuals breaking down...I see a ton of tears being shed, and a lot of deep sadness, depression and suffering. Increased irritability, rage and a lot of individuals are experiencing panic and increased anxiety at this time.

Rapid body temperature fluctuations (extreme heat/hot flashes, to overall body chills)are also continuing to occur in many individuals, as toxins and stagnant energy move out of organ systems and the human vessel. This is what deep-cellular purging feels like and it isn't pleasant at all. Your thyroid gland especially, as well as your lymphatic system are getting a work out right now! Your body is doing phenomenal work, especially, at night when you are experiencing REM sleep and your body (and mind) are both completely relaxed.

A gentle reminder to just simply watch the range of emotions move through you without attaching yourself to the density or judging yourself for feeling the way you do. Remember that this extremely dense and low state of being is temporary, as your body plays catch up to your quickly expanding consciousness. You are moving into much higher timelines and you are doing such an incredible job!

A quick tip from the higher realms is learning to be more present within your body, in order to pull your soul fragments back in towards you and to also reign your energy back in. When we overthink and become stuck in our minds, we create an unnecessary energetic imbalance within the vessel and our entire system.

Each morning or evening, wake up to the miraculous sunrise or watch the sunset, and truly bask in the high-vibrational energy, paying close attention to every single color in the sky. Sit in the present moment and recall how you feel in these quiet and peaceful moments when you are laser-focused on watching the sky paint incredible pictures before your eyes. What stories are being told to you? What are you able to release and finally let go of when your entire system becomes calm, as opposed to being in a frantic state of flight or fight? How different do you feel living from your heart space, compared to your busy mind? Embodiment is so important right now, in order to begin to feel the blissful waves of New Earth.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be walking this unique and amazing path with everyone! We got this...KEEP GOING!

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