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Channeled Light Language Healing Activation From The Angelic Realm

It has been an extremely heavy week for so many of you that I have two surprises to share with all of you later this week to bring a little more joy into your life, and to help break up the density and wake up your happiness! For now, please find a quick Light Language New Earth Activation to help you align with the new codes that are streaming in.

Here is a short written channeling that the Angelic Realm included with their healing transmission song that I've attached:

"We sing of the love that you are beautiful soul, as your spirit stirs ever so slightly and awakens from its deep slumber.

Open your eyes and sink into the Divine light that connects every fibre of your being to the entire Universe and all that there is.

Through the darkness, return to the light and the love found within thee, for the love that your soul cries out for cannot be found anywhere else on the earth plane other than within your precious and sacred heart space.

Let the lightcodes in which you receive today crack open and mend your heavy heart, carrying you home."

For those of you new to the concept of light language, it is a powerful form of healing light energy, that is beyond what humans consider to be language. Light language is made up of high vibrational frequencies, as well as unique ascension codes that activate your DNA and help to further expand your consciousness.

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