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Clearing & Purging of the Upper Chakras-Physical Symptoms

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Energy clearings and purging happen at different times for every human being. There are no timeframes when it comes to ascension. One person can take years to clear stagnant energy which is held within the organs and cells of the body, while another person can readily purge a massive amount of energy and trauma in weeks or months! The human body is truly incredible and extremely resilient, especially during these intense energetic times.

We are all cut from the same cloth, but our physical vessels, as well as our souls history and life experiences are drastically different. Ascension is not a race, or competition among individual humans. Be patient with yourself and strap yourself in for the long haul, with no anticipated end date in mind. Learning to heal yourself does take time, so keep your eyes on yourself and your own journey. Support others and continue to cheer them on as you notice others courageously doing their inner shadow work, as they shift, expand and hold more light.

We would also like to mention that the 3D and 5D realities are both amazing places to be at this time. If you hear others speaking of new earth, please know that you will eventually get there too. Take the pressure off of yourself and drop all of your expectations of what the entire process should look like and how fast or slow it should take for you. Ultimately, surrender to the journey and the miraculous unfolding of your soul, and guaranteed each milestone and hurdle will feel a lot easier.

It has been noted that starseeds/lightworkers/wayshowers are continuing to complete the last phases of their major clearings and purging. If you feel like your lessons and inner work or being processed at a much quicker rate and you are much more aware of which areas and paradigms you are still holding onto, in these next few weeks, a lot of you will finalize and wrap up what has yet to be addressed, process it and finally clear it once and for all. Congratulations! I can see your guides and teams jumping up and down with joy. The higher realms are extremely excited.

A specific group of humans are currently purging old energies, beliefs, traumas and patterns from the upper chakras. Specifically, the throat and third eye chakras. Symptoms include pressure and sometimes pain within the face, mouth, head, sinuses and throat. Toothaches, pain and tooth and mouth sensitivity is heightened at this time, including teeth grinding and jaw clenching. I am being shown energy also being lifted from the nose and eyes. The nasal passage may feel congested and the eyes can feel, gritty, blurry or extra sensitive to light.

Lastly, we would like to address temperature fluctuations at this time. Some humans may feel like they are experiencing hot flashes and burning skin, including skin rashes, dryness, hives, acne. Toxins are being released via the skin, therefore, you can support your lymphatic system at this time by dry brushing, massage, rebounding on a trampoline and upping your water intake. It is also important to note that you may become especially sensitive to personal hygiene products, including makeup, soaps and lotions that contain a large amount of man made chemicals. Your body may respond negatively with itchiness, rashes hives etc. You can support skin and body by giving it a break from all products to allow for it to do its job of clearing and purging a lot easier. Or simply, choose products that contain a lot less chemicals, to allow your vessel to remain clear.

We would like to discuss the role of the thyroid gland currently. It is being healed along with the rest of your body, therefore, it is common to feel extremely chilled and then suddenly feel a hot flash or wave of sweatiness take over your vessel, without a temperature change in your current environment. Drastic temperature fluctuations are common when the vessel is purging massive amounts of old, dense energy that no longer serve the upgraded vessel which holds more light.

All of these symptoms may feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. If you are ever unsure of what your are experiencing physically, it is advised to visit a Dr. However, if you are medically cleared, know that you are well underway in your Awakening Journey and one step closer to stepping into the new earth frequencies. Your body knows exactly what it is doing. Keep going!

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