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Collective Body Scan

For those of you who know my personal awakening story or have worked with me one on one, know that one of my developing gifts in this incarnation is to be able to strip people down to the core of who they are (seeing past exterior beauty, including the physical) and scan their entire energy field for blockages and stagnant energy/emotions. I am able to see the human as WHOLE, and consider health and well-being to be the sum total of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies combined, while gently helping humanity expand their horizons and consciousness when it comes to health and healing.

A good majority of western health practitioners only study a certain portion of the human when it comes to helping people overcome disease of the physical or mental body. In my humble opinion, overall health and successful healing of the vessel requires a holistic approach and all 4 bodies need to be reviewed and acknowledged when treating a patient.

I have been guided today by my team to share a Collective Body Scan of a certain sample size of the human population whose vessels are not quite yet ascending to the same capacity that your body currently is. Most likely, if you have joined this community, it is because you are in the thick of it and your vessel is quickly changing, developing and ascending into higher states of consciousness.

For the group that we have scanned above, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will not experience a full blown spiritual awakening in this life time, it just means they haven’t embarked yet. There typically is a significant catalyst or trigger that signals to the human body that it is their unique time to begin the journey of a lifetime. You may recognize this particular category of people that we have discussed above as your own family and friends whose souls are still heavily invested and tied to the 3D programming and matrix reality.

Hold space for them at this time, as many of them are not able to regulate their emotions and often respond from their emotions and Ego (vs. the heart), therefore, you will notice that as we move through the collective shadow period that they tend to project a lot of their own fears and unresolved inner traumas onto you.

I can't emphasize this enough! It is really important to set healthy boundaries with those you love and to also protect your own energy field. Also, please remember that energy is always changing due to quickly shifting timelines, therefore, if my team and I were to do a scan tomorrow for example of the same group of humans, the averages would differ slightly. This scan was done on October 9’th, 2021 at 8am MDT.

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