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Collective Body Scan-Energy Update-Energy Integration-April 6, 2021

Many of us are integrating the massive influx of high vibrational energy that we received over the last few weeks. At the moment, many of you may have zero energy to do anything. You feel like you just want to be alone in your own little bubble.

Some people will have reduced appetite, a demand for more water intake into the vessel, an increased need to sit down and rest your body (and mind) and a decreased sex drive, as your body acclimatizes to the new energies. Your physical body may require more sleep at this time and you may find yourself falling asleep quickly or perhaps anytime you sit down to relax, you end up falling asleep. Meditation or feeling connected to your guides can feel challenging at this time. In fact, you may feel completely disconnected from Spirit, the higher realms, as well as, other people around you.

A good majority of you will have heightened purging and clearing symptoms from the upper chakras (you will feel pressure and pain/uncomfortable symptoms in the sinuses, face, teeth, throat and head area, intense headaches, ear ringing, eye issues and a stiff or sore back of the neck/upper shoulder area). As you integrate the energy, you may also feel a significant amount of internal pressure (in your chest/heart and stomach area, including your liver, spleen, kidneys and bowels). This can feel like you are in a pressure cooker and it might even feel like you are expanding internally.

As the high energies move through you, you may also experience a throbbing, random pounding or heartbeat sensation (separate from your actual heartbeat of course), in your solar plexus region/upper stomach area. Do not be alarmed. Allow for the energy to flow through you, without resistance, fear or anxiety. You are safe in your body.

It is so important to listen to your body, and to support yourself fully by covering all of your basic needs. Put yourself first during this time frame and remain patient as your body continues to heal, shift and adjust to the much higher frequencies that are currently all around us.

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