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Collective Body Scan-Energy Update-Light a Candle-March 25, 2021

I am lighting a candle in the darkness tonight, as many of us continue to alchemize the density that surrounds us. These past few days have been extremely rocky for many, with emotions all over the place and at an all time high.

Collectively, the energies today and yesterday have not been pleasant to navigate. A TON of purging has been rapidly bubbling to the surface, leaving many of us angry, irritable, experiencing fits of rage, with deep, dark depression and sadness. Everyone around you may seem snappy, in horrible moods, a lot of heated and emotional fights are taking place, and you may find that you are crying a lot (for no apparent reason). So much darkness is moving out of us in a very short time frame this week, making many humans feel unstable, on edge and like they are about to explode.

We are transmuting extremely low vibrational energy into a much higher form and it is a very physically and emotionally demanding process. When I woke up this morning I kept hearing from the Collective Body, "My soul is exhausted", "I can't do this anymore" and "I want to go home". I am here to remind you that feeling exhausted, defeated and that you can't take any more of this typically happens right before a massive breakthrough. If you are getting rocked by the energies this week, the higher realms want to remind you how courageous you are and they continue to excitedly cheer everyone on.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by these nasty and yes, very crazy energies leading up to the Full Moon this weekend, the Angel's ask that you light a candle in a dark room in your home and sit with the light. Stare at the flame, in a daze, focusing all of your attention on the beautiful flickering flame. Allow for your mind to relax, and for your tired body to follow suit. As you stare into the beautiful light, imagine the light energy entering into your body with every breath you take. Let the light consume you and take over your entire body, filling it up with so much warmth and unconditional love. Your Angel's, ancestors, and spirit guides are all around you as you breathe into the stillness and tranquility of the present moment. You are safe, you are never alone and you are a warrior of light as you continue to conquer your darkness.


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