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Collective Energy Update-February 15, 2021-Significant Progress

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We see significant progress within the Collective Body. What the human deems to be hardships, breakdowns, heartache, destruction, death of the ego and a flare of dis-ease (they point to ascension symptoms) within the human body, we view as massive progress, release, victory, transformation and a re-birth process.

We recognize that for many humans at this time, their main focus is on their suffering, (or what does not feel right in their life currently) in an attempt to comprehend and breakdown the entire evolution of consciousness journey. Some people may try to put labels and even timeframes on every aspect of the ascension process, when in reality, we express to you that there is no need to try and make sense of it all, as this does not serve you.

Humans are not supposed to know how long their transformations and shifts will take, or what exactly will happen to them (their mind, body and soul), as projecting too far into the future disconnects the human from their vessel, anchoring them into more of a 3D experience of reality, as opposed to stepping into much higher states.

We notice a lot of over-active brain activity, including over-stimulated nervous systems due to the nature of the purging and clearing process that is taking place in many human vessels at this time. A lot of humans are experiencing cyclical thinking, over-analyzing, judging, questioning, worrying about every little detail, but we encourage the human to learn to rapidly alchemize these familiar trends or ways of being, and instead, accept, trust, and believe that they are on the right path, and that everything is working out for their highest good.

The higher realms acknowledge that this is not an easy, simple and straightforward human process, especially when the human has been behaving and operating the same way since childhood, and then suddenly, their entire world is turned upside down. They show a visual that for many humans, the physical body grows and ages over the years, but the mind remains molded, holding tightly to its identity (and over-powering ego) which was created in the younger years of ones' life. For many humans, their working-mind eagerly tries to grasp onto the old way of being, thinking, acting and feeling, as change and growth is incredibly painful, and we see that human habits are difficult to break.

We want you to know that you will overcome all of this density and that you will come out on the other side feeling extremely victorious and powerful the further you go. In fact, within 6 months time, the human will no longer recognize who they once were, as the shifts that take place within them are so drastic that they not only give birth to an entirely brand new healing light body, but a transformed mind as well, which operates at higher capacities.

The shedding process, which many humans experience currently, is by far, one of the most difficult periods for the human. We encourage you to naturally allow for the process to unfold before your eyes without any resistance. Simply, allow for the different energies to flow through you, as you slowly wake from your earthly slumber.

As your eyes open to much greater possibilities, you will fully comprehend who you are at a soul level, what you came to this 3D earth plane to accomplish and most of all that, you DO NOT GIVE UP AROUND HERE. Not even for a second. You trudge forward, with hundreds of different open and bleeding wounds, continuing to march towards the light, fully present within your body and with a grateful heart.

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