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Collective Energy Update-Heightening of Senses

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Channeled 12:21 am

In the upcoming weeks, as the energies significantly increase on the planet, many more humans will embark on their ascension journey, ultimately remembering their multi-dimensionality, as their consciousness expands.The following message is relayed to you at this time to bring you guidance, comfort and support.

My messages from the higher realms may or may not resonate with you, as they are not meant for everyone at this time. Take what feels good in your heart, body and soul. And perhaps revisit this information at a later date, if it does not make sense to you currently.

Today, we would like to discuss the heightening of the five senses at the beginning of the humans’ ascension journey. Included in this is the development of extra-sensory perception.

Many humans will notice that their sense of sight or perception is rapidly shifting, enhancing, upgrading and improving. Essentially, the human will be given new eyes to view the world. Colors will be extremely vivid and enhanced. Colors in nature and in the sky, may feel bright and almost like they are full of life. The color spectrum that the human may experience can be described as radiant, beautiful, calming and uplifting. Some people may start to notice the color spectrum radiating from all sources of light, in the form of rays projecting out from the source of light. Streetlights, sunlight, stars, moonlight and different light sources within the human’s home and living environments will look different, as the human will see the light differently and in more detail.

The sense of smell also becomes enhanced as you move along your ascension journey. Some humans will have the ability to detect the slightest smell in the air, even if the original source of the smell is great lengths away. Some people will become so sensitive and overwhelmed by the heightened sense of smell that they will find they are repelled by manufactured and man-made scents which are derived from chemicals, such as body lotions, beauty-care products, soaps, perfumes, household cleaners and even the smell of gasoline. Not only are smells heightened but one may also experience phantom smells, that appear out of nowhere.

The sense of hearing also becomes hyper sensitive during the ascension process. Sounds that the human wouldn't normally pick up on are at the forefront of their awareness. Some will have the ability to hear sounds from various streets, great lengths away from them within their neighborhoods and subtle sounds within the home are now much louder. The hum of electronics and even light sources may become much more apparent.

The sense of taste will change within the human. Foods, textures and tastes that they once enjoyed, suddenly could make them feel nauseous or repelled by the overpowering taste in their mouth. Some humans may find that they will get an extremely dry mouth, with very little saliva and they may even experience a metallic taste in the mouth. Most often, the humans enhanced taste buds will easily detect chemicals and antibiotics within their food sources and they may no longer be able to eat man-made and processed food sources, as the tastes will feel un-natural or toxic to them.

The sense of touch will feel extremely overwhelming to some. As the body responds to energy influxes, the human vessel may start to feel like it is vibrating internally. This sensation will heighten when you are laying down or relaxing. The body can also become overly responsive to the vibrational flow of energy into the vessel. Examples include feeling the vibrations of sound within the body when listening to music and especially at loud sporting events or rock concerts. The sound will move through you and your cells and become a part of you. The human might even feel the vibrations of sound all over their body from construction machinery miles away or perhaps feel the hum internally within them from the motor of a car driving past them. Possibly the human will find the loud noise of a blender at a smoothie shop, can now be felt under their skin and it will vibrate throughout their body.

The drastic contrast of feeling hot and cold temperature fluctuations may also increase and some people will become easily aroused and instantly stimulated by the slightest touch of the skin. Wind, air and even the flow of energy surrounding the human vessel will also feel quite intense to many humans. Goosebumps may form quickly on the surface of the skin, as the body comes into contact with energy. Sometimes the flow of energy into the body can be felt as anxiety, as the human isn’t yet familiar with what energy feels like. Energy can also feel like heaviness, pin-pricks on the skin or a flowing of water sensation on the skin or even internally.

Lastly, extra-sensory perception starts to develop within the human. This includes: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience to name a few. As the human continues their ascension they will receive certain downloads of information and activations along the way which spark these innate psychic gifts within them.

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