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Current Energy Report-October 9, 2020

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Partly cloudy, with an intense blast of high frequency light.

Massive, extremely intense waves of light are incoming, early this morning! Started about 30 mins ago (western Canada). These energy waves are the beginning of a series of extremely high frequency light waves that will continue to intensify over the next couple months. Symptoms include body pressure and strong internal vibrations, palpitations, accelerated heart rate. I'm being guided to breathe through it, deep belly breaths. These are the most intense frequencies of light that I've felt to date so far, and I'm told they will continue to increase from here. The energy is moving through every energy centre in the body (I feel this as intense pressure within the chakra). High heart chakra and heart chakra are being blasted right now. If you are a starseed or lightworker, you most likely are feeling these waves. Again, are safe. If you've been experiencing intense emotions such as crying leading up to this, know that your body is continuing to clear. Hold on tight! What an exciting time to be an energy reader!!!

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