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Daily Energy Report-Birth Pains-August 31, 2021

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I have been guided by the higher realms to share with all of you more frequent energy reports during this time frame to bring you a greater feeling of safety, comfort and confidence during the Collective Shadow Period that we all move. The amount of light energy we receive daily will also steadily continue to increase, which affects every living organism on the earth plane. This of course, directly affects your entire being (a holistic view of your overall health and well-being) with big changes happening mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

These gentle and insightful higher beings of light express that there is absolutely no need for all of you to be up worrying, stressing and having sleepless nights over the symptoms and intense scenarios that you currently face and bravely navigate. Please remember that we all are experiencing a slightly different ascension path, with unique energy clearings taking place within specific chakras in the body, dependent upon our own individual trauma and stagnant energy. This reading is to give you more insight and a brief snap shot or overview of what we go through on a collective scale, and also, specifically within each ascending group of human beings.

First and foremost, "All is well, and will be well, Dear Ones, as you dip your toes in to brand-new crystal clear and at the same time, murky waters, exploring unknown territory during the month of September. This is a month of break-throughs and incredible change on a grand scale. We understand that this commonly used human expression that we speak of above may feel redundant at times, however, the evolution in consciousness journey is not meant to be a story of doom and gloom. It is the greatest miracle to ever occur on Planet Earth and it will be the Ultimate Love story that humanity will ever witness and share with future generations. When you stand in the shadow, consumed by darkness, often times, it is quite difficult to see the light. Please remember that among the chaos and pain, the tragedy and loss, there is an equal amount of powerful light, and an endless flow of love, guiding each and every one of you into Heaven on Earth. Many of you are crossing the bridge between realities at this time, bouncing back and forth between worlds, as your physical bodies adjust to the higher frequencies that you now reside in. We are thrilled to share that there are so many BIG surprises and positive life changes in store for each and every one of you."

"We would like to bring your attention to the human energy field, particularly, the 7 main chakra system. Together with the assistance of Brittnee, we scan the Collective Body of humans and would like to provide you with an update regarding the recent advancements taking place.

Many front runners/lightworkers/starseeds and first and second wave ascending humans, return to a final purging of their lower chakras once again, specifically, the Root Chakra, after heavily purging mainly from the upper chakras (third eye and crown chakras) for the past few months. This week in particular, quite a few of the front-runners assist the Collective currently with the ultimate clearing of fear from the Collective and individual bodies of humans who haven't embarked yet. In fact, your presence and great assistance at this time is helping to accelerate the entire ascension process, as enough of you now operate in much higher frequencies that you support others around you by transmuting and helping them release lower and much denser consciousnesses from their vessels.

Many of you don't yet realize your innate power to control and guide energy within you and around you but you are quickly remembering. Understand that you went through your awakening journey months and years prior, to now become energetic support for your fellow humans, helping to pull them along into the higher frequencies along with you. The more collective fear that is being cleared from the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras of the great majority of humans, you will witness a massive opening of the heart space in all humans in the upcoming months.

Completely opening and activating all 3 of your lower chakras, then signals to the human body that one is now operating in a high enough frequency to live, breathe and prosper from one's heart centre. Countless humans, especially those newly awakened may feel squeezing sensations, strong pressure and cramping within the lower abdomen, intestines and pelvic area of the human body. Highlighted areas of pain with increased discomfort include, menstrual-like cramping/pelvic pain in both men and women, pelvic bone pain/pressure and heightened activity (pangs of pain) within the woman's ovaries and even birth canal.

Please note that there are big changes happening at the base of the human spine right now, the more fear you collectively purge, transmute and completely clear, directly affects surrounding muscles, nerves and body systems, including, hips, butt, lower back, kidney's, the genitals/reproductive system and the upper thighs. This may feel very intense for some human bodies, similar to what certain stages of giving birth would feel like. Breathe deeply through the heavy cramping and overpowering stomach and lower body pressure, helping to restore balance to your entire system.

These collective fears are deeply embedded within the cells of all humans, therefore, the shedding process can become quite painful. In the upcoming weeks, we would like to discuss in more detail the heart changes (with accompanying heart chakra symptoms) that are occurring at a physical/cellular level, as well as an energetic level, to bring you more ease with the final opening and activation of your exquisite heart."

The Arcturian Medical Team & Brittnee, Ascension Guide & Divine Channel for New Earth

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