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Daily Message-Be Present

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hey there!

Here are some things you can do to promote self-healing and improve your overall well-being, instead of scrolling through your phone and social media.

I honestly recommend putting down ALL technology at this time, as energies are super intense. Look up from your screen and begin to go inward, being very present with the world around you ...

-go to a local farmers market -curl up next to your dog or cat and take a nap -write a love song -paint the sunrise and sunset -make a homemade meal with an ingredient you've never tried before -call someone you love, like your mother, she loves to hear your voice -write poetry, allow the words to flow out of you until your wounds soften -give yourself a massage -have a dance party -sing in the shower -scream at the top of your lungs -imagine your wildest dreams and allow yourself to have a good cry, because they all are coming true -climb a tree -braid your hair -do 20 squats until your butt burns -tune into the birds chirping outside your window -listen to the sound of stillness, what is it saying to you? -do yoga or martial arts by candlelight in your living room -find a garden and pick fresh veggies -feel the warmth of the earth touching your bare feet -let the wind tickle your naked skin -walk the streets, looking around at everything with fresh, clear eyes, like you're a newborn baby, seeing our world for the first time -lay in the grass and watch the clouds drift by, creating creatures that dance across the sky -wave and smile at your neighbor, ask how their day is going and genuinely listen to their response -tickle somebody, until you are engulfed in joy and laughter -skip rocks on a lake and dip your toes into the icy water, to feel refreshed and instantly recharged

Feel grateful because you are ALIVE, you are LOVED and you are enough.

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