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Daily Message-Standing Sovereign

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Did you know that you were made perfect in the image of god/source (whatever your belief may be). Now is the time to serve the world by just being YOU.

I'm over here watching you speak your truth and loving every minute of it. Even though I love to teach, what I love even more about this journey, is being the student and observer, I learn so much from you. You are the many magnificent aspects of myself, wrapped up in another human body, with your own unique personality and traits but I still see me in you, every single one of you.

My message for you today, is can you stand sovereign in your own truth, unaffected by the opinions of others, unwavered by the external forces at play right now, placing fear, anxiety and doubt into your energy field? You hold the power and control, you always have and you always will. You need to start acknowledging yourself as the divinity that you are, wrapped up in a beautiful human meat suit.

Can you begin to change your perception and open your mind? Once you change your perception, you shift your entire reality and it opens you up to truth. Not only your truth but universal truths as well.

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