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Diamond In The Rough-Channeled Message from Higher Realms

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We recognize the significant amount of global and individual change sweeping across the planet as we relay this message of love and admiration to the human today. We equate the evolution of consciousness journey, to that of discovering a diamond in the rough. The human must endure a significant amount of strife and extreme pressure in order to transform their entirety, into a strong and timeless beauty, becoming a high-quality jewel. The amount of pressure that you are feeling right now in all areas of your life and externally as well, as you step outside the comfort of your home and personal living environments, may feel intense and at times be too much to face for the majority of humans.

We encourage you not to turn a blind eye to everything that is occurring around you and within you, and instead watch it all play out as an observer would watch a movie screen. The human must acknowledge and even experience what they consider to be “bad or dark” on the world stage, and what is surfacing within them, in order to shift into higher timelines. Similar to the journey of a diamond, digging deep into the darkness, as it undertakes a harsh and extreme transformation of cutting, molding and exposure, these extreme measures are also necessary for the human to endure. Within the deep, dark, dirt the human discovers their true-self and being buried in the darkness for some time, reveals the individuals inner beauty, value and the sparkling light inside.

What the human perhaps cannot see yet, (but what we view as a beautiful and worthwhile adventure through time and space), is that the gloomy and painful transformative process will be worthwhile, as it is necessary for complete soul growth. The powerful and extreme pressure that you continue to experience, forms and shapes the human in a such a way, that they will be able to weather any storm and face many future now moments from a place of strength and grace. As more and more humans begin to shed their ego’s and embark on their ascension expedition, all must collapse and be stripped away in order for the magnificent diamond and inner beauty of light to shine through and take centre stage. What you may view as chaos in your life, we see as significant growth and progress.

We understand that many humans at this time are experiencing feelings of heightened anxiety and worry, as they feel unsettled in their rapidly developing and ever-changing bodies and minds. We want to express to you that although many of you are experiencing many uncomfortable and often times frightening physical symptoms, as well as, a range of emotions (that seem to shift from minute to minute), that one must not become consumed by their own thoughts and remain trapped in over-thinking cycles of stress and fear.

Acknowledgment of what the human calls “ascension symptoms,” is a necessary part of the process, but we encourage you to not become consumed with it all because you have the inner power to rise above how you are currently feeling. We would like to remind you to always remain hopeful, have patience and faith with yourself and others, as the process for some does take many painstaking, yet joyful years. In fact, there is no completion or end date to the unraveling of the human heart and soul. Layers upon layers are stripped away, and bits and pieces of the human are slowly mended and healed over the span of their life time.

We view the awakening or ascension process that many are currently experiencing on the earth plane, as similar to the way the human undergoes the highs and lows of child-birth. The mother endures immense pain, one moment feeling bliss and excitement, and minutes later, she feels as if she is suffering, as she labours through the challenging contractions with a deep, inner strength in order to be one step closer to holding her beloved child in her arms.

In fact, the entire journey through pregnancy, labour and post-partum, for both the human female and her chosen partner, are both invigorating and at the same time, immensely difficult, as each individual experiences moments of euphoria and enthusiasm, and then flashes of doubt and depression. In those darker times, when you find yourself standing stripped down, exposed, helpless and confused about what is happening to you and around you, when you start to question what you should be doing or which path you should be taking, please understand that you are EXACTLY where you need to be.

To conclude todays communication and message of hope, we would like for the human to know that every single one of your scars are victorious. This entire experience will not always be a battle ground for you, but while you find yourself combating deep within the trenches, fight a good fight, because you were made for this. You are a warrior.

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