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Disclosure Is Coming...

I've been given the go ahead by my galactic team of guides this week to start getting the general population comfortable with the idea of alien/ufo/higher beings of light exposure and knowledge. We acknowledge that a lot of humans will have a hard time with this concept, due to their prior programming. Others are more than ready to receive the information with open minds and open hearts.

I am so excited to share that a ton of information is coming your way, not only from myself, but other starseeds and lightworkers strategically placed around the world, with similar earlthy missions to my own who are bringers of new information to assist our world as it transitions into higher states.

Many of the current (crumbling) control structures within the 3D reality such as corrupt world leaders, governments, mainstream media will attempt to further control the collective body by instilling further fear upon the population by painting these peaceful beings in a negative light.

A part of my role here on earth, is to bridge the gap between realities, reminding you of your growing telepathic abilities, your multi-dimensional soul, as well as, helping to guide you into much higher states of consciousness.

My mission is also to help educate you in advance about these beautiful beings, so when disclosure does occur and fear is pushed on you yet again, you will stand sovereign and strong, feeling nothing but excitement and comfort, while helping to spread truth and increasing awareness. The further you go in your own ascension journey, you will develop a strong inner knowing that these higher galactic being's powerful presence during the Great Awakening, is one of unconditional love and support for all of humanity. Stay tuned this week for a short series on the Arcturians.

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