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Divine Intelligence

Happy Wednesday to all of you beautiful and strong souls, moving through the biggest energetic shift to date. Your energy fields and bodies are absolutely amazing! You should be so proud of how far you have come. I have never felt portal energy quite like the 8/8 portal of this monumental year on earth, ever before! The excitement in the higher realms continues, as we are being guided through another high energy period, that will last into next week.

Our mental/emotional and physical bodies are being blasted right now. Are you feeling the intensity of your internal vibrations this week, especially at night? It feels like all of the cells in your body are lit up, dancing, shaking, tremoring. You are being charged. Can you feel the high vibrational energy move in and out of you?! Your body is changing, healing and transforming into something much greater, as you continue to let go and release the past, the old you and your old way of living and navigating this world.

Sending you loving and healing vibes as you continue to push through this peak period, as you give birth to your brand new lightbody and expanding consciousness. Britt

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