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Empowerment Through Love Series-Day 2: Current Activity in The Heart Chakra-July 5'th

A lot of human heart centers are not only heavily purging at this stage of the Great Awakening but many of our hearts are also simultaneously receiving strong activations and downloads. The result? Chest, rib, heart and lung pain. Chest heaviness, pressure. Strange, infrequent heart beats. Heart palpitations. Strong thuds in the esophagus (high heart area) as well as the solar plexus, high or low, fluctuating blood pressure. Rapid, racing heartbeats. Air hunger. Shallow breathing...and the list goes on! Luckily, you are in control and can help your beautiful body with the entire process. Build a tool kit to choose from when you feel like you're feeling a bit rough as you ascend into higher states of consciousness. Let me help you get started, please see above...

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