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Energetic Maintenance

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The message from the higher realms being relayed to all of us today, is that as we continue to massively shift into higher states, that energetic maintenance is key right now. What exactly is this "maintenance" they speak of?

Energetic maintenance is complete embodiment and becoming fully aware of the energy flowing into your body, as well as, the energy being released.

You are a healer, they say. You have all of the knowledge and expertise within YOU to learn to heal your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Feel deeply and step completely into your own body. What is it speaking to you right now? What does it require to thrive during these high energetic times? Maybe you need more sleep, extra water, more alone time or more support from loved ones?

Become familiar with the cycles and rhythms of your purging. You will start to notice when your ascension symptoms seem to ramp up... take note of the time of day. Does your vessel purge and release heavily in the evenings? Perhaps you feel most of your symptoms first thing when you roll out of bed in the morning. Regardless of when and how often your body is currently purging toxins, trauma and old, stagnant energy, it needs to be supported.

Energetic maintenance or support, is so important to help ease the intensity of your current symptoms, as well as, accelerating your ascension process. The human body naturally knows how to do energy clearings for us, just like it already knows when the vessel is ready to bring in more light, downloads and upgrades, allowing for you to slowly shift into those higher states.

There is so much magic taking place behind the scenes for us, and at a cellular-level within each and every one of us. The magnitude of what and how quickly everything is shifting in and around us, as our personal internal transformations take place would blow you away, if you were shown every detail of what is actually transpiring!

The further you go in your own evolution of consciousness journey, the more familiar you will become with the patterns of your body over the years, as it expands and grows, and at the same time releases what no longer serves you. It's a beautifully painful process, that does get easier and more familiar with time.

The higher realms always mention the importance of daily focused effort to ground your energy, as well as, learning to work with your own energy centers to align and balance your chakras. When your energy centers are in alignment and spinning at a healthy rate, all of our bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiriual) can function at their highest and greatest capacity.

So next time, you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and anxious, and even consumed by your thoughts and countless ascension symptoms, focus on your breathing and pull your soul fragments back into your body. Become present in your body, time and time again.

Ground your powerful energy to mother earth, and open your crown to the high vibrational frequencies of Source energy. Allow for the energies to intermingle and connect you to both the heavens and the earth, and take your body through a simple yet effective self-love journey of energetic maintenance.

Align and balance your seven main energy centers with the power of your mind and touch, and get that energy flowing again, in and out of your vessel. You may start to notice slight improvements in your overall health and well-being, including your emotional state, knowing that you CAN handle the massive shifts and obstacles ahead with confidence and ease!

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