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Energy Update-As Energies Continue to Intensify, Rapid Internal Healing Occurs

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Please be aware that my messages may or may not resonate with you at this moment in time, as we all are individually experiencing different levels of consciousness currently. Perhaps at some point, the messages expressed here will apply to you, so I recommend keeping an open mind moving forward and if it does not feel right in your heart, body and soul, do store this information away for now and revisit it in the future.

The following message is relayed to you at this time to bring guidance, comfort and support. However, your number one priority is always your own health and well-being; if you are ever in doubt about what you are going through, it is important to always get checked out by a medical professional first. If you are cleared medically, and continue to experience a range of bizarre and uncomfortable physical and mental/emotional symptoms, congratulations you have embarked on your ascension journey!

Channeled 11:02 pm

Deep cellular healing is currently taking place within many humans, as the intensity of the energy pouring onto the earth plane is at an all-time high. Although, the evolution of consciousness journey is often a similar experience among humans, healing within each individual is dependent upon their own particular past and present life experiences and traumas. Purging and clearing the human vessel of lower density consciousness’s, including stagnant energy that has been held within the body, often begins within the lower energy centres (root, sacral and solar plexus chakras) first. The accompanying and surrounding organs and body systems will be affected as the clearings take place. For example, if you are clearing from your solar plexus region, you may experience stomach and rib pain, surrounding organ pain within the liver and spleen, kidney pressure, stomach bloating, nausea, and a pressurized feeling like your body is expanding internally.

Not only is the human body dispelling stuck energy and trauma, the vessel is also experiencing a rapid detox at a physical level as well. Toxins, bacteria and heavy metals that have been stored within the human for decades are finally surfacing to be released. These toxins have become a part of the human, typically from a very early age due to pollutants found within the surrounding environment. Toxins have become a part of the human experience, and can be discovered within their drinking water, food, house-hold cleaning agents, laundry detergents, body-care products and the soil. Chemicals are often sprayed within the atmosphere and many humans have been injected with chemical-rich vaccines, including ingesting pharmaceuticals for a very long time throughout history. These chemicals all affect and alter human dna at a cellular level and can be passed on from mother through child, from generation to generation. Included in this, is an energetic footprint passed on from ancestors as well.

The good news is that mother earth and the human body have both had enough. All of the density, bogging the human down and preventing the human from experiencing higher levels of consciousness, is finally being excreted out of the body, as light energy from the atmosphere enters into each individual vessel and shakes the human up, in order for the dumping process to begin.

Many humans release and clear toxins and energy from multiple organs, body systems and chakra energy centres all at once. As an example, you may be dumping from your upper chakras and have heightened feelings of sadness, sinus pain and pressure, a throbbing sensation in the middle of your forehead, excess mucous formation, ringing in the ears and a bloody nose. While at the same time, dumping from your sacral chakra area, you may simultaneously experience, frequent and often uncomfortable urination, cramps or a pressurized sensation within the regions surrounding your sex organs, and even diarrhea or constipation.

Not all humans will experience intense and painful symptoms, simply due to having experienced a unique set of circumstances within this lifetime and past lifetimes. If the human has endured a lot of abuse, trauma, hardships and karma, it is evident that they will have more clearing to do and it may take longer than an individual who has lived through much less suffering.

We would also like to express to you, that if you carry any dis-ease within your body from this lifetime, that the healing process may feel significantly more painful and challenging for you. As the vessel heals internally, it may appear as if your diagnosis or disease is getting worse. For example, if you have an auto-immune disease of the stomach, it is possible that you will experience a heightened number of awful symptoms seemingly out of no-where. Hang tight, as it is only an illusion that the disease is becoming more severe because you still hold onto that subconscious programming within your mind. When the body begins to heal, everything indeed flares up, because toxins, disease, heavy-metals etc. are all surfacing at once, to be released from multiple areas of the body at a time. Please do not be alarmed, or stay rooted in fear, because things seem worse before they do improve, and this is a typical occurrence among humans experiencing their spiritual awakening process. It is important to remember that having a significant amount of patience throughout this entire journey will be your greatest asset. The human body is built for this type of work and it knows exactly what to do and how to free itself from all of the density in order to live and thrive from a healthy state of homeostasis.

The human may also experience heightened food and environmental allergies and sensitivities at this time, due to the lymphatic system working overtime to help safely clear the toxins from the vessel. Many individuals may begin to notice that they can longer eat processed, man-made foods, that are laced with chemicals and artificial ingredients, as their physical bodies start to react in a negative manner by rejecting junk food or fast-food for example. As the human vessel takes in more and more high vibrational light, it can no longer tolerate dense, lower vibrational foods. The human can aid in the healing of their own body at this time by choosing natural, whole foods and animals (if they prefer) found naturally on the earth plane.

Additionally, the human vessel may start to reject any house-hold cleaning products, make-up, body-care products such as lotions, hair dye, toothpaste, deodorant etc. that are solely derived from man-made chemicals. The human may notice unusual rashes, acne, bumps, hives and significantly dry skin. These are all symptoms of the detox process. We recommend choosing healthier, safer options that help support your vessel during these high energetic times.

As the energies remain strong, those humans who have been on their ascension journey for years, are now beginning to experience lengthier and much deeper periods of REM sleep, compared to the beginning of their awakening, as their bodies require the extra sleep at this time to heal, and as the vessel shifts and adjusts to the incoming frequencies. It is typical however, for the individual to experience extreme insomnia, restlessness and interrupted sleep with frequent waking periods between 3:00 – 6:00 a.m., when the human first begins their evolution of consciousness journey. Sleep patterns tend to improve significantly, the more the body clears, and the further the human goes in their voyage.

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