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Energy Update-Collective Body Scan-August 11, 2021

Our bodies are integrating the major downloads and upgrades that we have received these past few weeks!

If you feel quite different like you are changing very quickly and also like everything has been extremely intense lately, you are correct, we are moving through another significant shift and transition period in the evolution of consciousness journey.

No matter what stage of the process you are at, we are all being called to rest as much as possible right now. You may feel major exhaustion, therefore, please listen to your body and sleep, nap, lay down and just be lazy. This is not a time to keep pushing your body and mind.

Exercise (even something as simple as jogging or walking a short distance) might not be possible for many of you at this time as well, due to the amount of energy exertion it requires. Preserve your energy...this is required for heightened cellular activity and healing.

Many of your gifts and abilities will rapidly develop in the upcoming weeks, including a huge surge of healers coming online, ready to learn and practice their innate skills by serving others. This is why rest is so important now. You will be very busy, as we move into the Fall.

Countless Walk-ins arrive this month, to assist with the massive collective dark night of the soul and monumental changes headed our way in the next 2 months.

The group of humans who are still very much tied to the 3rd dimensional reality are heavily projecting onto others, as the world that they grew up knowing and depending on, crumbles around them. Many feel like they are losing control, this is all a part of the incredible ascension process. It is key to surrender and allow for transformation to occur. It is also so important to protect your energy, set healthy boundaries and do necessary cord cutting daily to free your energy field from the denser energy and external chaos. Transmute what is being projected on to you and practise letting go and releasing for yourself and others.


Quite a few first and second wave, humans and lightworkers continue to purge and clear from their 3 upper chakras (throat, third eye and crown). Fragments are the last to be cleared from the entire system. Therefore, many will notice that head, face and neck physical symptoms are very strong and often, debilitating still. If you fall into this category of awakening humans, your full body clearings are nearing completion and you may begin to feel more of the blissful 5D waves of New Earth frequencies, compared to the pain and density.

Brittnee Ascension Guidance & Support

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