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Energy Update-Dismantling Deep-Rooted Fears

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

As my spiritual team and I scan the collective body this past week, we recognize the massive transition that many humans are going through at the moment. This period of time is particularly heavy, as fear and anxiety seem to be at the forefront of many peoples minds (and bodies) lately and because we are one collective body of consciousness, (even though each and every one of us has our own unique set of thoughts and behaviours) everything we do individually, affects the whole that we are all apart of, as all humans are deeply connected to each other. The higher beings of light often speak about how separation among humans is in fact an illusion.

During the collective scan, it is evident that many humans are currently operating mainly from their lower chakras, particularly from their Root Chakra. The majority of the global population are responding to external stimuli being thrown at them, from a place of panic, fear and a fight or flight response, which is particularly taxing on the nervous system and affecting all body systems within the body, including the immune system. When the fight or flight response is triggered, there is a signal sent to the brain warning the person of unsafe territory or impending danger, which can be real or imagined fears within ones environment.

The problem with living life from a reactionary state (that can be described as a constant knee-jerk reaction to every situation or circumstance), is that this unhealthy way of being, not only weakens the immune system but greatly affects peoples physical and mental health as well. The human is more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu, disease can easily develop within the vessel, and from a vibrational and spiritual viewpoint of the higher realms, the energy centres become unbalanced, out of alignment and remain blocked. When humans energy centres are closed off, instead of allowing energy to flow freely through their vessels, constantly releasing what no longer serves them, energy remains stagnant and trapped within certain areas of the body. Humans might complain that they often feel unwell, they may be charged with negative emotions, feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained, and might even suffer from a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms such as body pain, poor sleep patterns, stomach issues, depression and high anxiety (just to name a few).

All in all, the higher realms want to applaud everybody at this time, as everyone is doing the best job they can from whatever level of consciousness they are operating from, as they navigate the constant chaos that surrounds our energy fields and that is being projected onto us from many different sources, coming at us from all directions. Our global circumstances and even our own individual home lives, personal experiences, karmic cycles, are not easy to navigate since the energies have raised significantly on this planet over the past few months. This massive shift in frequency has sparked ascension or a grand awakening for countless human beings, bringing to the surface and ultimately exposing old and out-dated paradigms, and inner, as well as outer worldly traumas, that have consumed the human for centuries and even lifetimes. Also included in this, are toxins and any inner dis-ease (whether it be of the mind or body) within the human which can no longer remain within the human, as the human consciousness continues to rapidly expand, and as all humans begin to experience and shift into higher states of consciousness, moving many people within the next few years, out of the density of the 3D reality.

The spiritual realm would like for you to be aware that because so many people are living in the deep-rooted fear of their lower chakras, instead of from a place of love, which is the human heart energy centre and above, the human may feel or even recognize that others are projecting a lot of their own deep inner fears, anxieties and insecurities onto others during their social interactions at this time. It is so important to be aware of your own boundaries more than ever before, making sure that you are protecting your own energy on a daily basis and constantly clearing your own energy field, while focusing your attention on remaining grounded to the high-vibrational energies of Mother Earth. Not remaining anchored and present within your own body (for example if the human is a constantly over-thinking and operating from their mind instead of their heart), the human may feel like they are experiencing more suffering and fairly intense physical, mental and emotional symptoms during this time frame. However, they gently state that it doesn't have to feel this way all of the time and the entire ascension experience doesn't always have to be difficult or even negative, when you become aware of learning how to quickly shift your consciousness from a place of disempowerment, to choosing to walk on the higher timeline as a sovereign being, who is very much in control of your reality.

The key here is to recognize how you, the powerful and strong human being that you are, is going about your daily life and slowly learning to shift your over-active mental chatter, including the overstimulation of the mind, and move your awareness back to operating from your heart space, projecting out into the world, the abundance of love and light that currently reside from within you.

The higher realms show me a picture, similar to the one that I've posted below and they state that the more the human can imagine how the energy that they project from their bodies affects others and ultimately the entire human collective consciousness, the more the human will comprehend how miraculous it is that they hold that much power, and that they are able to affect and control the entire world with a love like that. A euphoric, blissful, beautiful love energy that radiates so much compassion, kindness, joy and a divine, unconditional love that connects us to God/Spirit/Source, to the entire Universe, including the heavens and the higher beings of light above.

The higher spiritual realms, would like for each and every one of us to practise moving from a place of fear to feeling and expressing more love on a daily basis, and we all will be able to watch in amazement as our anxieties and insecurities wash away. The most exciting part about navigating this current reality from a heart based experience instead of fear/mind based state of being is, the more time you spend anchored and connected to your own heart space, you then eventually activate light codes within your human vessel that allow for you to experience the world from much higher states of consciousness, stepping more and more into 5D/New Earth.

The human then begins to utilize the higher chakra centres more often, as the lower chakras of the body purge, release and fully open. The human transitions into receiving more information about the world, time and space, through the third eye and crown chakra regions, where they become multi-dimensional and connected to the exciting, brand-new realities of 4D, 5D and beyond, while still physically anchored within the 3D earth plane. Keep dismantling and fully releasing those fears, by staying in your heart, as it will make this transition period much easier, and watch in awe, as you suddenly transform yourself and the entire world around you, rooted in the power of love.

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