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Energy Update-February 28, 2021-Heart Expansion

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Let's talk about these energies for a second! This is the longest stretch of powerful energies that we have experienced to date. It has been a rollercoaster of thrilling highs and super lows. For the collective body, it has been a difficult, yet necessary transition period that still continues! There are so many humans operating from an unconscious or unawakened state, who are not aware yet of what is taking place on a bigger scale, therefore, the divide felt among humans experiencing completely different realities, is the greatest it has ever been. Whether you are awake or asleep through these incredible energy influxes, the higher realms would like to gently remind you that both human experiences are wonderful places to be. Keep in mind, that one is not better or superior to the other, as all humans are equal and everybody is choosing to have unique earthly experiences, operating at different levels of consciousness.

I am told by the higher realms that if you are consciously aware of your ascension and you are actively experiencing these current shifts, including the host of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ascension symptoms, you are among the first wave of humans to awaken. Do you feel exhausted, like you are spinning around in circles, not accelerating through this timeline very fast? The inner changes that are occurring within us are drastic and continuing to unfold. In fact, we are moving quickly and quite efficiently among this current timeline.

Today's channeled message focuses in on a particular group of humans who are experiencing a massive heart purging and opening during this time frame. Remember, humans purge from different chakras or energy centres at unique times, and the clearings that are naturally taking place, are dependent upon our past life experiences/traumas and our current life circumstances too. Some humans hold more dis-ease, toxins, including stagnant emotions and energy within their body system, and at a cellular level than others do. A common purging/clearing pattern is that the lower chakras within the human tend to open and activate first, completely releasing fear from the vessel (held within the root chakra, and moving up through the sacral and solar plexus). Once fear is completely cleared from the body and energy field, the heart chakra and the upper chakras (throat, third eye and crown), can then fully open, expand and operate at their full capacity, allowing the human to step into higher states of consciousness.

For many of you, heart chakra and even higher heart chakra expansion and activations are currently taking place. The heart chakra is the 4th chakra in our body moving in the direction of the base of our vessel to our head. This specific chakra is located in the centre of the chest.

Simply put, the heart chakra is the centre of transformation within our body as it bridges the gap between our human and soul form. When we experience the heart chakra awakening, our consciousness and perception of the world shifts. Super exciting, right?! Physical symptoms include: heart palpitations, shortness of breath (air-hunger), heart, chest, rib, sternum pain and discomfort. A lot of strong thuds can also be felt in the upper chest or high heart area. As well as, an expansion or pressure feeling in the chest (chest heaviness and extreme tightness, almost like you are being squeezed). These are the not so fun aspects of this phenomenal internal transformation. Please note, that if your symptoms persist please see a dr to rule out any health issues with your physical vessel. The higher beings of light and I solely speak from an energetic perspective in this article.

Since all of our emotions are regulated by the heart chakra, you may even be feeling intense emotions such as jealousy, depression, rage, deep sadness and heightened anxiety. These emotions come and go, as quickly as the wind. Some emotions will stick around for a little while, until they are acknowledged and completely felt by you, so they can be released from your energy field.

One moment you may experience strong feelings of bliss, euphoria, internal peace and unconditional love for everyone and everything, as the heart centre slowly opens....followed by crying at the drop of a hat. Do not be alarmed by these rollercoaster of emotions. They are serving you as we purge, purge, purge! Everything that no longer serves us and our higher self is being released. You're transitioning into a better equipped and highly functional version of yourself.

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