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Energy Update-Honouring YOU

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

I am shown the human, being compared to a fish out of water. Learning to walk on land, when he hasn’t yet evolved physically to adapt and thrive in his brand-new environment. Just like the fish, many human bodies are undergoing huge and drastic changes at the moment, as our bodies are adapting to the huge influxes of light energy pouring down on the earth plane. Whether you are in tune with your own body, or you aren’t sure what’s happening, either way there is no denying that something massive is occurring.

We want you to have compassion and patience with yourself, with your own body and especially for other human beings, more than ever before. Some humans fully understand what is happening, and a lot of people do not. It is apparent that there is a lot of confusion. It doesn’t matter what state of consciousness you are standing in and how you choose to navigate everything at this moment in time, what really matters is how you view and honor yourself through it all.

Now is the time to get to know yourself very deeply and give yourself the self-love that you deserve. When you turn your thoughts and attention inward, instead of always focusing and worrying about others, you begin to shift, expand, grow and transform. It is true that when you give thanks for the countless opportunities that you’ve had lately, to simply slow down and radically take care of you, the universe feels your vibration of gratitude and provides for you in all areas of your life and in ways that you can’t even imagine or see at this time.

You may be feeling a lot of pain all over your body, or perhaps you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as heart palpitations, brain-fog and headaches. Maybe you are crying endlessly for no apparent reason. Know that as we move into the next month, that your body knows exactly what it is doing and all of this upheaval is necessary in order for you to continue on your evolution of consciousness journey. These symptoms that you experience as the body adjusts to higher frequencies of light, are all temporary. Remember that where you are going, will be worth all of the detours and road blocks along the way.

Lastly, we want to bring your direct and full awareness to the human vessel. How miraculous is the human body? Constantly, clearing and purging stagnant energy and traumas from many lifetimes, all of the body systems and unique organs know exactly what to do to keep you in a rhythmic flow of breath, blood pumping and heart beating, so you are able to fulfill your life purpose and mission. Your vessel is working so very hard for you, especially right now.

We recommend that you not only thank your body but your entire being for supporting you, day in and day out, and for standing strong, even when you mentally feel weak. You continue to get up every day, go to work, take care of your beautiful families, while undergoing magnificent and radical internal changes. In fact, some humans aren’t able to sleep properly or at all, as energies increase, some cannot eat the same foods they once loved to consume, and others are dealing with so much mentally and emotionally, that if you walked by them on the street, you’d never even know that beneath that brave grin is heartache, as their world falls apart. We want to remind you that we honour you and all of your daily efforts. Humans are so incredibly brave and resilient.

Tonight, we encourage you to stand in front of a mirror, fully seeing and loving every inch of yourself, as you stare directly into your own eyes, gazing deep into your soul. Thank yourself for all that you are, for how hard you’ve worked to get to where you currently are, and for being patient with yourself as you step into who you are meant to be. Hug yourself if you can, treat yourself to a nice, warm comfort drink, turn on your fireplace, put your feet up, rest your body and breathe. Even though you cannot see the finish line, please keep going. There are millions running beside you, we’ve got each other and we will push through together.

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