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Energy Update-The Anchoring Phase of New Earth Energies-July 25'th

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The Crystalline Grid for New Earth (The Earth's highly advanced architecture of high-vibrational light energy) that blankets the Earth, has received a major upgrade this week! For those of you who are relatively new to the concept, the energetic Grid System is encoded with Divine Lightcodes and bridges humanity back to Source.

Gridworkers have been working extremely hard this week, reaching a point in their own personal ascension, where they are now able to pull the light of the Grid through their vessels, anchoring the powerful light energy deep into the Earth of Mother Gaia, and extended the network to surrounding homes, buildings, forests, rivers, cities, countrysides and other people who are in close proximity to the each Gridworker. The Gridworker becomes one with the Crystalline Grid, and the two significant energies merge together, fusing into one powerful energetic force.

The contracted Gridworkers are a group of Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Starseeds etc. who are posted at very specific sites around the planet, and are physically capable of holding extremely high light frequencies, grounding New Earth energies into their bodies connecting the Grid to everything and everyone around them, at appropriate times during humanities ascension.

We are pleased to announce that the energetic Crystalline Grid system is now being fully activated, in preparation for The Event and New Earth. Many of you who have cleared and purged a significant amount of programming, trauma and toxins (psychological and physical) from your bodies already, will be called to join the team of Gridworkers, connecting your entirety to the Grid system often, in the upcoming weeks.

You may receive strong downloads, visions, imagery or may be shown by your own team of spiritual guides how to bring the light into your body and directed how to manipulate it, so the network can continue to expand and grow, sweeping over the entire planet and integrating itself into everything and everyone.

This brand-new and exciting concept (to many of you), will become more clear to you, resonating and activating parts of you at a deep-cellular level, during your moments spent in solitude and meditation. As well as, while you are in an automatic, relaxed state when you drive or perhaps the information may also come to you right before you fall asleep, or as you slowly wake up, and even in the dream realm while you astral travel in your sleep.

You are making a positive impact by helping to build New Earth at an energetic level, by connecting yourself to the Crystalline Grid system multiple times per day. You not only help to support your own body and soul through your personal ascension, partaking in this divinely guided process, but you also accelerate the awakening process of the entire collective consciousness. LET'S LIGHT IT UP!

From my heart to yours, Brittnee Ascension Guide & Divine Channel for New Earth

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