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Energy Update-May 21, 2021-5D Energies

There has been a ton of 5D Energy entering into our bodies these past few days, I bet you are feeling it! Soon, the pain syndromes and emotional instability that you experience will shift into cellular euphoria and full body vibrations of bliss. I am shifting back and forth quite quickly and im really enjoying the moments of intense cellular pleasure when I feel my entire body vibrate with warmth and deep love, chakras fully opened, aligned and balanced, connected with Source energy, pouring into me for hours at a time. These glimpses of New Earth, now lasting 8 plus hours at a time for me, I can promise is worth all of the difficult and extremely painful symptoms, sleepless nights and huge upheaval in your personal lives that you go through during your ascension process!!!

A lot of people are receiving crown and third eye activations and there is a lot of head activity taking place. Anywhere from sharp headaches, to pressure in your skull and face. Another group of humans are beginning to clear and purge from their lower chakras, rapidly dispelling fear from their body and energy fields. Frequent urination, lower abdominal cramping and complete exhaustion are just a few of the hundreds of symptoms that are occuring in a lot of your bodies.

Your bodies are leveling up, in order to make these massive shifts, as more light pours into us. You anchor the light so beautifully, pulling the collective along with you. A huge congratulations is in store for you tonight from the higher realms...what you are going through, the amount of light that you are holding, affects everybody and this entire planet. You are SO LOVED!

♡You are the embodiment of love. You are the divine in human form. Do you remember?

This lifetime is unlike any other you've ever lived. You came here to experience the heartache, the bliss, the death and the ultimate re-birth of our beautiful planet. You came here for freedom.

You are here to heal, recover and transform. You came to anchor in the light. You are here to open your heart to love. You are doing the inner work because you understand that massive change is coming. Humanity will come together. You came to witness it all.♡

On this sacred journey, your soul is returning to the state of unconditional love. IN ONE SHORT SENTENCE, WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN TO YOU? COMMENT BELOW...AND SPREAD THE LOVE!

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