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Energy Update-Powerful Spring Equinox Portal-March 20, 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The potent and profound, extremely high-vibrational Portal energies have been streaming in strong since early yesterday. 5D has never felt so good, for those of you who are beginning to experience the wonderful and magical waves of higher states of consciousness. However, if your human vessel is still busy clearing stagnant energy, deeply embedded trauma, (essentially your shadow side), this portal may feel extremely intense for you.

The strong symptoms that you are currently experiencing might even last into next week, as these 5D frequencies play a unique role in the ascension process. Portals push our human bodies to the extreme, in order to do the deep inner shadow work, especially if you have been shoving your emotions down to be dealt with at a later date. The Universe has other plans for you fortunately!

Bravely, continue to clear the density within you that you've carried for lifetimes, and you will find that you begin to spend much more time in higher states of consciousness. It is true that 5D/New Earth energies make us purge harder, as our physical vessels play catch up to our rapidly expanding minds but also remind yourself that in the grand scheme of life, this is a positive and necessary ascension tool that is here to assist us.

If you are currently in contact with your own spirit guides, angels and galactic team, you may be given a life review as you move through this portal. This a review of your entire life up until this point, helping you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, mistakes and most of all triumphs, which are all worth celebrating.

You may find yourself daydreaming or reminiscing of the past and doing a lot of deep thinking this week about your entire life path in general. You may also be given insight about your future (which is often relayed to us typically through subtle signs, synchronicities and in the dream realm, hinting at what is in store for you), and you might even find that you are constantly reflecting on your heart desires, hopes and ultimate dreams that you are bringing into fruition.

Or maybe you find yourself excitedly thinking about what you are in the process of manifesting and also what reality/timeline you have projected yourself onto through overcoming your pain and hardships over the past few years up until this point. Essentially, by acknowledging your shadow and how far you've come, these strong yet beautiful energies bring us a sense of renewal and new beginnings after a long and challenging winter, as energies have consistently remained high since around December 21, 2020.

Please be aware that all physical, mental and emotional symptoms will be heightened at this time. No, you are not going crazy (even though it may feel like you are on a non stop rollercoaster ride), it is the nature of these energies. They are powerful for a good reason. The energy influxes that we experience during high energetic days (portals, significant astrological dates etc.) are here to assist humanity and the collective body purge trauma and toxins stored within our vessels very effectively and rapidly. I am told that everything is right on track for the collective body, and I am also happy to announce that you eventually do get a break from the feeling like you are about to jump out of your own skin.

Depending on where you are at in your own unique ascension journey, you may feel like you are on the brink of a massive shift or breakthrough (the angels keep using that specific word) in your life, especially, if you are a lightworker or if you have been on this path for many years, these current energies will allow many of us to begin to integrate into the 5D. Congratulations! If you are drawn to this energy update, remember that you don't read anything by accident on this journey. Big things are on the horizon for you, especially if you are actively assisting and supporting your body as it shifts, acclimatizes and brings in more light energy.

I find that I have a unique role at the moment, I personally have one foot in each world. On one side of the coin, my own body is wrapping up a 5 year INTENSE purging cycle related to my own spiritual awakening, sparked by my pregnancy with my little starseed baby in 2016. I assist the collective in their energy clearings and I also have minor purging of my own still taking place. On the other hand, I am fully merging into 5D on a daily basis and I am feeling much more bliss and euphoria these days compared to constant density.

During this portal I have slight clearings taking place in my upper chakras (facial, sinus, third eye and teeth regions, feeling mild pressure), as these energy centres are almost fully open, to match my already activated lower chakras, which were the first areas of my body that I purged from. At the same time, I am experiencing huge surges of pleasure pulsating within my upper heart/chest cavity and into my high heart and throat area as well. The bliss is so overwhelming when the waves come in, it takes over your entire body wrapping you in so much love, warmth, safety, divinity and ultimate truth.

The higher realms would like for you to take note of where in your body are you feeling the most pain, pressure and uncomfortable ascension symptoms these past weeks? This is a direct indicator of which specific energy centres your body is healing at the moment and currently working extremely hard to clear stuck energy from. It will be to your advantage to study and become familiar with where the 7 main chakras can be found within your body and connect the dots to where you are having the most bodily issues. You can then assist yourself by helping to keep that energy centre open and activated through a vast variety of healing methods.

After all, you are a self-healer and you are immensely powerful! You are moving out of the heaviness and chains that have weighed you down for decades, and stepping into a deep sense of internal peace, expansion and coming into union with your higher self. During this portal pause, reflect and reevaluate, and begin to see this journey for what it truly is: a gift of miraculous transformation and constant growth.The winter fog has lifted, it's your time to celebrate and step into the light.

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