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Energy Update * The Powerful and Heart-Warming Energies of New Earth* A Personal Share

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

During the evening of January 11, 2021 from 12:00 am and 3:00 am, I was saturated with a constant influx of energy into my body for hours on end. It was the most potent New Earth/5D energy that I have experienced to date. I have been feeling the peaceful waves of New Earth come and go, for years now and last night was unlike anything I have experienced before.

Normally, the energy initially feels like really intense pressure entering into the body and then it warms you up from the inside out and you are vibrating in bliss. However, last night the experience was slightly different. As the energy came into contact with my body it was immediately peaceful and soft, I no longer felt uncomfortable and anxious or like I was being put into a pressure cooker.

My guides expressed to me that the reason that it didn't feel as strong for me, is because of all the energy clearing and purging that I have been consciously (as well as naturally) doing to remove trauma, stagnant energy and toxins from my vessel for years now. They showed me a vision of my body acclimatizing or finally closely matching the higher frequencies, therefore, it doesn't feel as unpleasant for my body, as it has worked very hard over the years (and still is of course) to rapidly adjust to the light influxes.

My entire body was vibrating really hard and I could feel bliss and heightened euphoria at a deep cellular level, in my blood, organs, within the bones, muscles and skin. In the past months, the energy has felt more on the surface of my body, and within only a few chakra centres at a time, instead of how it felt last night, multi-layered within, like it was now a part of me. Also for the first time ever, the powerful 5D energy, could be felt within every single one of my chakra centres simultaneously. It was like my whole body and all of my energy centres, including my surrounding energy field were completely lit up, like I had been plugged into a heavenly power source. New Earth energies really do feel like what I imagine Heaven feels like. It sounds funny but it is similar to a full body orgasm that keeps on lasting, it pulsates in your head and ears, and instead of dying down, the energy continuously lights you up.

Speaking of a power source, I felt completely connected to Source/God during those hours, including the consciousness of Jesus Christ, I even received strong visuals of Jesus with me and felt his loving energy all around me. I felt as light as a feather, and internally warm, my heart dancing, my mind and body completely relaxed and at ease. All of the aches and pains that I usually experience with energy downloads, activations and on high energetic days (my typical uncomfortable ascension symptoms), suddenly all disappeared. All I could focus on was the overwhelming internal peace and unconditional love that I was bathing in and the gentle light that penetrated my entire body, merged with me and suddenly become a part of me for those three glorious hours.

If you are reading this and thinking, "ya right, I am in so much pain and absolutely miserable currently, what she describes sounds insane or impossible", I want to gently remind you that I am not here to convince you, as everybody will walk their own unique path towards New Earth. I cannot wait to hear others interpretation and experience with New Earth energy waves, as you continue to raise in frequency and experience higher levels of consciousness. However, I do want you to keep an open mind moving forward and listen to what feels right in your own mind, body and soul. Listen to your heart, and as it continues to open and expand, quieten down your busy mind and allow your heart and intuition to guide you.

I am here to remind you that even on the darkest and hardest days, to keep going, continue to push yourself and bravely do your inner shadow work. We are all healing and doing an absolutely miraculous job at it. Most of all, we are doing this together, running this long marathon hand-in-hand, and ultimately, no matter what stage you are at in your own personal journey, we are all going home to the same incredible place. Keep pushing forward.

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