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Energy Update-Upper Chakra Activations-March 8, 2021

For many humans who are well on their ascension journey, upper chakra openings and full activations are occuring this week.

Many of you have spent the past few months heavily purging and clearing deep-rooted fears from your lower chakras, which are starting to remain open for much longer periods of time.

Once the lower chakras fully activate, this triggers the throat, third eye and crown chakras to then activate as well, allowing a strong influx of high vibrational energy to enter into your vessel, specifically from the neck to the top of your head. You are spiraling up into higher states of consciousness as we speak!

As I scan the collective body today, some of the major symptoms include: migraines, buzzing of the head, confusion, dizziness, head pressure, face/sinus pain and pressure, facial numbness, burning or irritated tongue, tooth, gum and jaw pressure, dry mouth, toothache, tight throat, hoarse voice, thyroid pressure and activity triggering strong body temperature fluctuations (hot flashes and heavy sweating to ice cold and chills), bleeding nose, eye twitching, a sensation of water running out of your ears, ear pain/pressure, blurry vision, build up of gunk in the eyes, including eye floaters, and styes, Morse code sound or ringing in the ears. Emotions are also running extremely high these past few days. Allow for the tears to flow.

The higher realms say some of your gifts (such as clairvoyance and clairaudience) are coming online with the massive amount of energy moving through your upper energy centers at the moment. If you are already experiencing some of these psychic abilities, your telepathy, channeling and energy reading abilities will continue to expand over the next few months.

You are doing an incredible job handling all of this as your body adjusts to these higher frequencies.

Remember, if your symptoms ever feel too intense, you can ask your guides and spiritual team to help slow things down for you.

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