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Excerpt from my upcoming book, "You Are Powerful Movement"

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

"One does not simply wake up one day suddenly connected to the euphoria of 5D, new earth frequencies. It takes years to shed the layers of oneself that no longer serve your highest good.

Stepping into new earth energy that takes over every cell of your body with unconditional love and bliss, comes with unbelievably hard work, patience and sacrifice. In addition to your 3D chores, roles, responsibilities and contracts, the ability to feel and connect to 5D frequencies includes a commited daily effort to remain grounded, balanced, aligned and continuously developing a strong, open, loving connection with source. The relationship thrives when the ego dies and the soul has learnt what it means to completely surrender.

Heaven on earth, is indeed a true miracle, a gift for those souls who courageously embody their journey of transformation and becoming the one. It involves a concious choice to work through your personal triggers, and lifetimes of trauma, in order to heal internally. With the internal healing comes complete transformation of one's physical vessel, down to the DNA, as it expands and grows in its ability to support higher frequencies of light.

The greatest love story that you'll ever witness, will be your own. Become the one, heal and live free."

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