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Feelings of Great Enthusiasm & Eagerness as Energies Increase-Daily Message from Higher Realms

The angelic realms have been jumping up and down with so much excitement these past few weeks. These higher dimensional beings of light are beaming with pride! If I could paint a picture of what they show me, it is a miraculous scene of endless bright smiles, warm hugs of unconditional love, and a continuous flow of powerful, healing light energy that engulfs everything and everyone on the earth plane, helping to aid each individual as your bodies make the incredible shift. They understand that as the energies continue to increase over the next month, that more and more people will begin their ascension.

For many, this transitionary period may be incredibly painful, and confusing but please know that you are in wonderful healing hands. A lot of people are already well under way clearing, purging, transforming, shifting, collapsing old timelines and courageously embracing their ascension journey. Do not be afraid to reach out during these turbulent times, as there is an abundance of support surrounding you right now. Wayshowers and lightworkers have been training for years for this, in anticipation to help guide the collective into higher levels of consciousness. It's an incredible time to be alive.

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