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Friday Morning Pep Talk!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

As the collective body experiences it's dark night of the soul, the heaviness continues for many people. Know that there are much bigger things on the horizon for you, so continue to courageously push through your heartache, pain, triggers, and resurfacing trauma.

The further you go in your personal ascension journey, the energy clearings that are naturally taking place within your body, as you purge and release toxins and stagnant energy from your vessel, do eventually slow down and become a lot easier to manage. The more you elevate and step onto much higher timelines, the mental/emotional symptoms are alchemized more quickly and the physical symptoms become predictable and cyclical. Everything becomes much less intense, as the body adjusts to the higher frequencies within you.

There is so much to look forward to, as the evolution of consciousness journey is truly miraculous, so continue to keep your eyes on the prize. You won't even recognize the person you've become, as you grow and expand over the next few years.

Please be aware that my messages may or may not resonate with you at this moment in time, as we all are individually experiencing different levels of consciousness currently. Perhaps at some point, the messages expressed here will apply to you, so I recommend keeping an open mind moving forward and if it does not feel right in your heart, body and soul, do store this information away for now and revisit it in the future.

When you stand in your own sovereign power, dancing to the beat of your own drum, you will learn that any external resources provided to you, (whether it be from another human or channeled from higher realms) are shared for guidance purposes only.

Ultimately, you are the creator and expert of your own reality.

The following message is relayed to you at this time to bring comfort and support. However, your number one priority is always your own health and well-being; if you are ever in doubt about what you are going through, it is important to always get checked out by a medical professional first. If you are cleared medically, and continue to experience a range of bizarre and uncomfortable physical and mental/emotional symptoms, congratulations you have embarked on your ascension journey!

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